Yale-NUS 2017/2018 Fees Structure

By | August 7, 2017

Yale-NUS 2017/2018 Fees Structure

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The Government of Singapore offers all international students and Singapore Permanent Residents subsidized tuition fees at Yale-NUS through the Tuition Grant Scheme. This optional scheme allows students to benefit from the unique experience of a Yale-NUS education, with reduced tuition fees, with a three-year work obligation upon graduation.

The chart below details the fee structure both with and without the optional Tuition Grant Scheme. Further details provided below.

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Academic Year 2017/2018
Singapore Citizens Singapore PRs International Students
Fees payable by students on the Tuition Grant Fees payable by students not on the Tuition Grant Fees payable by students on the Tuition Grant Fees payable by students not on the Tuition Grant
Tution Fees S$19,500 S$27,300 S$27,300 S$41,750 S$41,750
Residential College Fees S$7,980 S$7,980 S$7,980 S$7,980 S$7,980
Community Grant for Singapore Citizens (for students matriculating in AY 2017-2018) (S$4,000)
Miscellaneous Student Fees S$230 S$230 S$230 S$350 S$350
Supplementary Fee S$17,800 S$17,800
Total Fees S$23,710 S$35,510 S$53,310 S$50,080 S$67,880

The above fees are applicable for Academic Year AY2017-2018.  All published rates and student bills are provided in Singapore dollars (S$).

No Surprises

Yale-NUS Tuition & Residential College fees are cohort-based and are fixed for each cohort from the year of matriculation until graduation four years later. That means no surprises in your 2nd or 3rd year at Yale-NUS. If you are a National Serviceman in Singapore, you will pay the tuition fees relevant to the year you accept our offer of admission.

Goods and Services Tax (GST)

The annual tuition fee includes a 7% Goods and Services Tax (GST). For Singapore Citizens and Singapore Permanent Residents taking up the Tuition Grant Scheme, the GST payable on tuition fees are subsidised by the Singapore Ministry of Education (MOE). For international students and non-subsidised Permanent Residents, the tuition fees above are inclusive of GST.

Residential College Fees

All students at Yale-NUS live on campus in one of our three distinctive Residential Colleges. This includes a single room situated within a suite and 19 meals a week in a Yale-NUS dining hall.

Miscellaneous Student Fees

Miscellaneous Student Fees contribute to the cost of student activities, health services and insurance, campus shuttle services and other services incurred by all students.

Tuition Grant and Supplementary Fee

The Tuition Grant Scheme (TGS) is offered by the Government of Singapore to international students and Singapore Permanent Residents who are pursuing a course of study at Yale-NUS. The TGS offers a subsidized tuition rate (as outlined above) and comes with a three-year work obligation upon graduation. In order to satisfy the work obligation, students must work for a Singapore based company or an overseas affiliate while remaining on the Singapore payroll. All earnings within the three year work period will be kept by the student and, provided the work obligation is fulfilled, no form of repayment will be due.

Students who opt into the TGS will be required to sign the Tuition Grant Agreement and will be given further information upon confirmation of enrollment at Yale-NUS.

Students who opt not to take the TGS will be required to pay unsubsidized fees, which includes the S$17,800 Supplementary Fee, and will not have a work obligation upon graduation. Yale-NUS financial aid does not apply to the Supplementary Fee. However, a loan is available for this amount for students who qualify. Further details on the loan and eligibility can be found here. (For students in the Yale-NUS Class of 2017, 2018, 2019 or 2020, please contact the Office of Financial Aid for additional information about loan eligibility).