Wan Boo Sow “雲茂潮” Chinese Studies Scholarship

By | June 22, 2017

Wan Boo Sow “雲茂潮” Chinese Studies Scholarship

The Wan Boo Sow “雲 茂 潮” Chinese Studies Scholarship was established in AY2014 as an entry level scholarship, through a pledged expendable gift of $500,000, payable over 5 years, by Mr Wan Pong Seng. The award value is $10,000 per year for 4 years and up to three scholarships may be awarded in each academic year. With effect from AY2016, the gift purpose was changed to offer a one-time scholarship to second year undergraduate Singaporean students who major in Chinese Studies or Chinese Language. The aim is to ensure the Department of Chinese Studies at NUS continues its mission to nurture talent well-versed in Chinese and English for Singapore, who would go on to excel as bilingual professionals, in the education and business sectors, civil service, mass media, etc.

With effect from AY2016, the Wan Boo Sow “雲 茂 潮” Chinese Studies Scholarship is governed by the following terms and conditions:

1)Each Scholarship award is valued at $10,000 and up to 3 scholarships will be awarded in each academic year.

2)Undergraduate Singaporean students in the second year of study who have declared Chinese Studies or Chinese Language as their major and have obtained a CAP of at least 3.5 may apply for the Scholarship.

3)Only Singapore citizens who are born in Singapore and/or Singaporean-at-birth will be eligible and male applicants must have completed full-time National Service. Applicants are required to submit a copy of the Singapore Birth Certificate and a copy of the NS Certificate, if applicable;

4)Applicants should possess a high level of bi-lingual (Chinese/English) proficiency;

5)No scholarship will be awarded unless there are applicants of sufficient merit.

6)Award recipients should not be in receipt of any other scholarship/bursaries/free aid without the consent of the Scholarship’s administrator and the other award’s administrator.

7)The Scholarship is bond-free but recipients are expected to take on the role of student ambassadors or any other roles when called upon to do so by the Department of Chinese Studies.

8)The Department Scholarship Selection Committee, comprising the Head (Committee Chair) or his nominee and the Department Undergraduate Coordinator (or his nominee), will shortlist, interview and award the Scholarship.