(TUM) – German Institute of Science and Technology Courses

By | March 16, 2017

(TUM) – German Institute of Science and Technology Courses





Technische Universität München (Technical University of Munich, TUM) was founded in 1868 and is considered as one of Europe’s leading technical universities. TUM has produced 13 Nobel Laureates to date and has consistently played an important role in technological advancements across Europe.

TUM strives to create lasting value for society through excellence in education and research and the active promotion of next-generation talent with a strong entrepreneurial spirit. Following the same vision, TUM Asia was set up in 2002 to bring German academic excellence to Asia.

Offering degrees in partnership with top Asian universities, students at TUM Asia have the opportunity to combine German engineering with Asian relevance in the thriving economic landscape of Singapore.

Currently, TUM Asia offers five (5) Master of Science programmes:

With new specialization in Railway Engineering available

Note: Master of Science in Microelectronics (TUM – NTU joint degree) is replaced with Green Electronics from 2015 onwards.

Getting A German Degree

Programme Highlights

At TUM Asia, you will be taught and mentored by a selected group of lecturers in small classes of around 15 to 35 students. The international teaching staff comes from both our partner universities – as well as from our industry partners – to ensure that you have the best access to scientific and practical knowledge.

  • All our degree programmes are conducted in face-to-face classes
  • Our German professors fly in to teach on an exclusive basis
  • No distance learning via web conferencing/video learning
  • Complete your internship in Singapore, Germany, or any other country
  • Your degree is solely conferred by the mentioned universities above (not a third-party degree)

Your curriculum at TUM Asia is highly practical-oriented and our strong connection with various industry partners helps you to combine theory with industry-relevant application. TUM Asia stands for cultural exchange and internationalism. During your programme study, you will gain valuable insights into both the Western and Eastern cultures. We will help you to understand business partners across geographical and cultural barriers with practices in everyday life – private as well as in business.

“The learning experience gained from the MSc programmes is indeed fulfilling. TUM Asia’s programme covers a wide spectrum of knowledge, ranging from financial and marketing, law, IP, administration and management to our own specialisation modules.”
Angela Chian (Graduate, MSc in Industrial Chemistry)
Research Assistant (PhD Candidate), NUS




To apply for the TUM Bachelor programmes, login to the application portal on Singapore Institute of Technology’s (SIT) here. Applications are accepted from 11 January 2017 to 19 March 2017. 

After the successful start-up of TUM Asia’s Master of Science programmes, TUM Asia was invited to partner the Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT) to offer Technical University of Munich’s (TUM) Bachelor degree courses in Singapore. This opportunity saw us join Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT) as one of her first Overseas University (OU) partners in 2009, offering our first TUM Bachelor degree in 2010. Since then, we have been running our TUM Bachelor degrees in partnership with the Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT), and have been seeing TUM graduates enter the workforce since 2013.

Currently, in collaboration with the Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT), TUM Asia offers the following TUM-conferred Bachelor of Science degree programmes:


The programmes are conferred by the Technische Universität München (Technical University of Munich, TUM) and are 100% campus-blind. The TUM programmes have been tailored to provide the student with the foundation of German expertise knowledge, with the relevance of the Asian industry outlook.

  • TUM is Germany’s #1 University (Academic Ranking of World Universities 2011, 2012, 2013, 2016)
  • The TUM degrees conducted in Singapore are closely modeled after their German equivalent at the home campus
  • TUM professors are flown to Singapore to teach on an exclusive teaching basis
  • Final-year students can spend three (3) to five (5) months at the main campus of TUM in Munich, Germany, to complete their Bachelor Thesis

Note: Graduates will receive a degree certificate identical to those studying in the home campus of the TUM. Our degrees are not distance-learning programmes as professors from TUM will fly in to teach on an exclusive basis, similar to the TUM courses conducted in Germany.

“During our course of study, our professors gave us a practical education, combining theory with industry relevant application so that my classmates and I can be well prepared in our careers. Till now, I still fondly remember one of my professors telling me; “My mission is not to repeat all those manuscripts. Rather, it is to train all of you to be much better than me at my age.””
Yue Chao, (Graduate, BSc in Electrical Engineering & I.T.)