Tokyo Sushi Academy Courses

By | March 20, 2017

Tokyo Sushi Academy Courses


Japanese Cuisine Lesson & Fun for Personal
For individual customers

“Art Maki Sushi” and Japanese Cooking Lesson for everyone who want to enjoy and learn Japanese cuisine. Great for personal, family, birthday party, team building, kids party, hens party and any event. The classes are taught by Sushi Academy certified instructors , So you can master authentic techniques taught by the pros.

Ornament rolled sushi, Japanese cuisine lesson is perfect for those who want to learn Japanese cuisine happily. Everyone can enjoy from individuals, family, team building, kids party, hen party etc. Since the instructor certified by sushi academy teaches, you can acquire full-fledged techniques of professional direct communication. Why do not you enjoy your home party with the technology you learned.


Japanese Cooking Lesson (2 hours)
Japanese cuisine lesson (2 hours)

Price: SGD80 / pax ~ (Please contact us / Please contact us)

From “Nikujaga” and “Mackerel Teriyaki” to “Ohitashi”. In addition additionally squeezing a cucumber in Japanese cuisine. Let’s make the other-grade Japanese home-cooked meal which Sushi Academy certified instructors suggest with the seasonal ingredients. , Please feel free to contact us about requests such as one to one private lesson and online lesson.

This course is a course to learn Japanese cuisine happily. While using colorful seasonal ingredients, we will not cook Japanese famous dishes such as “Not meat”, “Saba Teriyaki”, “Oitashi” etc on top of the proposal proposed by Tokyo Sushi Academy lecturers who are Japanese professionals Mr. Separately, we also correspond to one-on-one private lessons according to your purpose and ideal. We do not only teach face-to-face but also do online instruction. Please feel free to contact us first.


For Friends

Let’s enjoy a special activity with your best friends



The flavor of Japanese mother’s home cooking


Private Lesson

The higher-grade Japanese home-cooked meal


“Art Maki Sushi”
Decorative rolled sushi

Price: SGD 50 / pax ~ (please contact us / Please contact us)

“Art Maki Sushi” “Art Maki Sushi” with a wide variety of designs, from the classical patterns of Japanese traditions to modern designs with natural themes as well as animals and characters popular among children, are entertaining to Why not enjoy sushi art in a large group? Great for team building and is enjoyable for everyone from families to individuals. See for pleasing to the palate, making it a great dish for hospitality.

Decorated rolled sushi is a new genre sushi born after its own development. Modern design with natural motifs from traditional Japanese patterns, incorporating various designs such as children’s popular animals and characters, fun to watch, eat delicious ornamental rolled sushi is perfect for one item of hospitality. Why not enjoy sushi art with a large group? Everyone can enjoy it, such as team building, family, one person.


For Team Building and Family

Memorable moments with your team and family


Popular Cartoon Characters

Ampanman / Hello Kitty / Pikachu / etc.


For Seasonal Events

Christmas / New Year / “Hanami” / Halloween / etc.



Japanese Cuisine Learning & Consulting For Professional
For Professionals

5 Days Opening Restaurant Course and Restaurant Consulting. It’s suitable for for person who came from the restaurant cuisine in your restaurant. From restaurant field surveys, purchasing and practical skills to creating recipes as well as sales and cost analysis, we Will provide thorough instruction.

The professional development course (5 days), restaurant consulting is for people who aim for opening in the Japanese food business and those who want to incorporate Japanese menu at their restaurant. We will respond widely from restaurant field survey to purchasing guidance, practical instruction, menu recipe, sales and cost analysis.


5 Days Opening Restaurant Course
– Tempura & Kushiage & Tonkatsu
Professional development course (5 days) – Three fried foods

Price: SGD 5, 800

They are next to big big wave of Japanese cuisine after Sushi and Ramen. From food knowledge and food preparation to practical skills as well as store management , We will provide thorough instruction by Sushi Academy certified instructors, It’s suitable for person who aim to open a business and want to start Japanese cuisine in your restaurant. And also please feel free and join us even if beginner because participants Can learn each skill step by step. Let’s do a great business with Tempura & Kushiage & Tonkatsu.
More detail

This course will open all the trends of Japanese food specialty shops following sushi and ramen, know-how for opening “tempura” “skewer deep” “tonkatsu” opening.
Under the guidance of the Tokyo sushi academy lecturers who are all professionals of Japanese cuisine, we will comprehensively teach knowledge on store management to food knowledge, preparation, practical skills, customer service, sales management in just 5 days.
Those who are aiming for opening business in Japanese food business, those who want to incorporate Japanese menu at their restaurant. We can learn each cooking skill from scratch, so even inexperienced people can participate with confidence.
Why do not you learn how to prepare queens for prosperity? Click here for details



Tempura is very popular in the world



Deep-fried skewered meat and vegetables


Freshly Fried Tonkatsu

You can learn how to cook perfect Tonkatsu step by step


Restaurant Startup / Menu / Management Consulting
Business opening / menu / management consulting

Price: Please contact us / Please contact us

We offer offer service for various kinds of businesses from “Kaiseki” to side items such as “Donburi” rice bowls (Beef Bowl / Tempura Bowl / Pork cutlet Bowl / Chicken and Egg Bowl / Seafood Bowl / etc .) And noodles (Udon / Soba / Ramen / etc.). Please feel free to contact us and discuss your needs.

①Restaurant field survey ②Instruction on purchasing ingredients, seasonings, etc. ③Instruction on practical skills ④Menu recipes ⑤Online / face-to-face follow-up service ⑥Sales and Cost Analysis, their optimization ⑦Others

Various consulting services for restaurants are also offered at our school. We deal with a wide range of industries and business types ranging from kaiseki dishes to simple bowls (beef bowl / bowl of rice bowl / katsu rice bowl / Oyakodon / bowl of rice bowl etc.) and noodles (Udon / Soba / Ramen etc). Please feel free to contact us first.

① Restaurant field survey
② Guidance on purchasing ingredients and seasonings
③ Practical guidance
④ Menu recipe
⑤ Online / after-going follow-up at face-to-face
⑥ Sales / cost analysis and its optimization
⑦ Other


A Wide Variety of Japanese Dishes and Desserts

Sashimi / Japanese Hot Pot / Mackerel Teriyaki / Mochi / etc.


Modern Japanese Cuisine

Menus to match the needs of the present age


Noodle and “Donburi”

Ramen / Udon / Beef Bowl / Tempura Bowl / Seafood Bowl / etc.