SUTD Student Achievement Awards 2018 / 2019

By | December 5, 2017

SUTD Student Achievement Awards 2018 / 2019


The annual Student Achievement Awards Ceremony will recognise the Fifth Row and Academic achievements of all our students who brought honour to the University, and contributed positively towards the quality and vibrancy of campus life.

Fifth Row Awards

All students and all student clubs can be nominated for any of the awards below.

Individual / Group
  • Environmental Award
    • Recognises passionate students who have actively raised awareness of good environmental practices and implemented sustainable projects that impact the environment positively. Applicants also offered opportunities for the community to partake or collaborate in these efforts.
  • Humanitarian Award
    • Recognises students who have demonstrated exceptional leadership and commitment towards the advancement of the welfare of the less fortunate in the community.
  • Laurel Award
    • Recognises students who have done well in competitions and/or bring honour and recognition to the University. They were committed to continuous learning and personal growth and have been inspiring to their peers.
  • Entrepreneurial Spirit Award
    • Recognises students who have demonstrated the following for at least 2 years:
      • Founded a start-up by taking calculated risks and demonstrating success in rolling out a commercially viable product or service; OR
      • Demonstrated the characteristics of risk taking, creativity, resilience in generating  and implementing an idea which has positively impacted the SUTD community or beyond; OR
      • Contributed to the promotion of the entrepreneurial spirit within the SUTD community by organising seminars or events such as hackathons, etc.
  • Outstanding Student Organisation Award
    • Recognises student organisations who were passionate in the advancement of the organisations’ objectives and left a positive impact on campus life and vibrancy. They also displayed excellent event management skills and good governance.
  • Student Leader Award
    • Recognises official appointment holders who possessed strong leadership skills, were dedicated to the club and have been exemplary role models to their peers in the advancement of clubs’ objectives and enhancing the campus environment.
  • Student Service Award
    • Recognises students who have contributed to the welfare of SUTD community and enhanced the quality of campus life.


Academic Awards

The Keppel Awards of Excellence and MIT Club of Singapore Excellence Award are established to recognise the outstanding achievements of SUTD students who pursue excellence in their studies of design and technology while contributing significantly to the community. The Award shall be granted to:

Keppel Awards of Excellence
  • Top 2 students in Freshmore year
  • Top 2 students in ASD, EPD, ESD & ISTD pillars respectively in Junior year
  • Top 2 students in ASD, EPD, ESD & ISTD pillars respectively in Senior year
  • Top 2 students in ASD Master year
MIT Club of Singapore Excellence Award
  • Good academic results (within top 5% of cohort based on cumulative GPA);
  • Demonstrate strong leadership potential, creative thinking, passion, collaborative outlook, integrity and character; and
  • Being active in Fifth Row activities of the University and community involvement will be an added advantage.

No application is required. SUTD will shortlist students for the Award based on their results. SUTD reserves the right not to give out any Award if there are no candidates of sufficient merit. The decision of the selection committee is final. Enquiries or disputes surrounding its decisions will not be entertained.

Selection Panel

The Selection Panel would comprise the following:

  1. Assoc. Provost (Education)
  2. Assoc. Provost (Graduate Studies & International Relations)
  3. Assoc. Provost (Student Affairs)
  4. Pillar Representatives (4 persons)
  5. Head, SUTD Entrepreneurship Centre ( for Entrepreneurial Spirit Award)
  6. Head of Student Life
  7. President of Student Government
  8. One Student Association Council Representative
  9. Awards Administrator

The decision of the Selection Panel shall be final and the selection process will be kept confidential.

Application Period

Applications are now open and will close on 26 January 2018. To apply, please access the links below.