St. Joseph’s Institution Financial Assistance 2019

By | April 8, 2019

St. Joseph’s Institution Financial Assistance 2019

Financial Assistance

There is currently no financial assistance scheme available for non-Singaporeans.

• MOE Independent School Bursary (ISB) Scheme

Singapore Citizens in independent schools1 can apply for assistance under the MOE ISB scheme.
Income Limits & Benefits

The student needs only satisfy either the Gross Household Income (GHI) or the Per Capita Income (PCI) criterion. PCI is computed based on the GHI divided by the number of members in the household.


Please refer to the Table below for the income limit (from 1 April 2019) and benefits under ISB.

Monthly Gross Household IncomePer Capita IncomeBenefits
Not exceeding $2,750Not exceeding $690
  • 100% subsidy of school fees and miscellaneous fees
  • Secondary level – Free textbooks and school attire;
    JC level – $900 bursary per year
  • $10 transport credit per month, capped at $120 per annum (for students taking public transport)
  • Full subsidy for exam fees2
$2,751 – $4,000$691 – $1,000Subsidy such that student pays the equivalent of 1.5 times government and government-aided school (GGAS) fee^
$4,001 – $6,900$1,001 – $1,725Subsidy such that student pays the equivalent of 1.5 times government and government-aided school (GGAS) fee^
$6,901 – $9,000$1,726 – $2,25033% subsidy of school fee and miscellaneous fees

^ GGAS fee comprises school fee, standard miscellaneous fee and maximum 2nd tier miscellaneous fee payable by Singapore Citizen students studying in GGAS.


1. Singapore Sports School and School of the Arts have their own schemes to provide financial assistance for their students. Please refer to the schools’ websites for information on their financial assistance schemes.

2. Applicable only to Singapore Citizen students enrolled in the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme in Government-funded schools. Examination fees for GCE ‘O’ and ‘A’ levels have been waived for all Singapore Citizens in Government-funded schools from 2015.


How to apply?

Application details will be made available to students upon admission to SJI.

Scholarships & Awards

SJI offers a number of scholarships and awards to new students as well as to current students in recognition of their achievements at SJI.