St. Gallen Institute of Management Courses

By | February 3, 2017

St. Gallen Institute of Management Courses

Asia Term core courses
The core courses combine theoretical approaches with practical experiences in the Asian context. Much emphasis is put on practical knowledge and in-depth experiences. Classroom lectures are complemented with company visits and guest lectures by senior managers. HSG professors and lecturers teach the Asia Term core courses and most of them are fully integrated into SMU’s curriculum.

  • Business Consulting (compulsory)        
  • Business Development in Asia (compulsory)
  • Study Mission to Malaysia (elective)

Further elective courses
In addition, St.Gallen students can select further elective courses. Beside the Finance course that is comparable to the Finance course in St.Gallen (core studies for Business Administration), the students can attend courses from SMU’s curriculum. SMU professors teach these courses and many of them are easily credited in St.Gallen. Each school in SMU offers a variety of courses that Asia Term students can select:

  • School of Business 
  • School of Economics 
  • School of Law 
  • School of Social Science 

Ph.D. programme

  • Ph.D. in Management (PMA)
  • Ph.D. in Economics and Finance (PEF)
  • Ph.D. in International Affairs and Political Economy (DIA)
  • Ph.D. in Organisation and Culture (DOK)
  • Ph.D. in Law (DLS)
  • Ph.D. in Finance (PiF)

Master’s degree programme

School of Management

  • Business Innovation MBI
  • Marketing, Services and Communication Management MSC
  • Business Management MUG
  • Accounting and Finance MAccFin
  • Strategy and International Management SIM
  • Management, Organization Studies and Cultural Theory MOK

School of Finance

  • Banking and Finance MBF

School of Economics and Political Science

  •  Economics MEcon
  • Quantitative Economics and Finance MiQE/F
  • International Affairs and Governance MIA

Law School

  • International Law MIL
  • Law MLaw
  • Law and Economics MLE