Singapore Pro Soccer Academy Training Programmes

By | March 14, 2017

Singapore Pro Soccer Academy Training Programmes

Training Programme

Holiday Camps


SPSA December Soccer Camp will be held in December in one of the leadership institutes. Medals, Certificates and many goodies will be given out during the camp. Please enquire the registration form and email/send it to our email, contact us via phone or submit at the various training locations. Register early to book your place now.


SPSA June Soccer Camp will be held in June. Medals, Certificates and many goodies will be given out during the camp. Please enquire the registration form and email/send it to our email, contact us via phone or submit at the various training locations. Register early to book your place now.


Training, Coaching & Development

With every program in place, we have a holistic development strategy for every SPSA individual.

Trainings, coaching and development plays a part as one and that is where we focus on with bringing you the most productive approach with our specialized staff.

A one-stop academy that will impact a great change to every SPSA athlete.

League Match Play


Psychology Assessment

  • Youths with special needs will undergo a psychology assessment certified by Planet Learning Centre. Youths with special needs with approved psychology assessments will be able to advance to the SPSA.

Fitness Trainers



Sports Psychologists


Development, Evaluation & Tracking

  • At our academy, your children will undergo a holistic development program. We believe that learning to be a winner in life is as important as winning on the pitch – and it all begins with attitude.
  • On the football field, players are evaluated according to their demonstrated attributes & physical skills. These include their proficiency in both technical and tactical areas, including attacking, defending, finishing, passing, body position, ball control and spatial awareness.

Each individual player is also evaluated for their psychological development. These attributes are important for developing young players into prospective professional footballers. More importantly, they are absolutely critical for children to set a foundation for future successes, in whatever field they pursue in life.

Once a young player’s current status has been evaluated and benchmarks set, coaches work diligently to help children improve and progress, wherever their current standing may be. Our training methods are designed to help develop happier, more confident children – and of course, quality football players.

Our Development Evaluation & Tracking Process

  1. At the start of the season, a player is evaluated by the trainers. If a young player joins the school mid-season, they will be evaluated during their first few training sessions.
  2. The evaluation is discussed and shared with each player. Developmental goals are set.
  3. A copy of the standard written evaluation report is given to the player.
  4. Each player is assigned to a specific trainer for training. As far as possible, the same trainer trains and trains the player throughout the season.
  5. At the end of the season, the training group trainers will review the player’s scorecard and assesses developmental progress made against goals set earlier.

It is a season by season continuous development process with new goals being set each and every year.

Free Trial

Here at SPSA, our doors are open to students of all skill and experience levels. Our goal is to provide every child with an outstanding education, both in football, and in life.

But don’t just take our word for it. Visit the academy for a free trial. This isn’t a “special demonstration” put on for newcomers. Every child will join an actual lesson, so they will experience exactly what our world class facilities, coaches and staff offer members – each and every week.

Match Play

During Competitions

All four trainers will ACT as the Head Coach on the competitions/events day.

Local Leagues

SPSA recognizes that players come to train and develop their skills week-in and week-out for a simple reason – to play matches. This is the spirit of football, one team against another, in a test of skill, fitness and strategy.

Our intent is that every player will have the opportunity to experience actual match play, regardless of their current level of football progress. After all, it’s the spirit of competition and the will to prove on the pitch that counts.

To ensure access to sufficient league team places and adequate number of matches for every SPSA team throughout the football season, we are supporting the following three leagues in every season:

  • Junior Soccer Schools League: JSSL
  • Alliance Youth Soccer League: AYSL
  • Academies Junior Football League: AJFL
  • Singapore Disability Sports Council National Disability League: NDL

Each of these leagues has its own distinguishing characteristics, differentiating it from the others.