Singapore Media Academy Courses

By | February 12, 2017

Singapore Media Academy Courses


Advertising & Public Affairs

WSQ Audience Identification and Communications Optimisation
WSQ Conduct Market Research
WSQ Implement Marketing Campaign for Film and TV Production
WSQ Increasing ROI through Market Profiling and Segmentation
WSQ Inspire, Produce and Manage the Generation of Creative Concepts and Ideas
WSQ Manage Media Relations
WSQ Market Trends Analysis and Industry Development
WSQ Plan, Develop and Support Crisis Communications

Broadcast Journalism

WSQ Conduct Interviews for a Variety of News Stories for Broadcast
WSQ Fundamentals of Broadcast Journalism (Chinese)
WSQ Fundamentals of Broadcast Journalism (English)
WSQ Plan, Produce and Present News Bulletin or Current Affairs Story for Television

Business Management (Media)

WSQ Address Problems which Impact on Work
WSQ An Introduction to the Fundamentals of the Personal Data Protection Act for Non-Legal Personnel
WSQ Building International Business Networks
WSQ Develop and Manage a Sales Team
WSQ Develop and Manage Budgets and Financial Plans
WSQ Develop and Manage Business Development to Enlarge Clientele
WSQ Develop and Manage Strategic Plan for a Digital Media Product
WSQ Develop Media Product Knowledge (Mainstream Media)
WSQ Develop Media Product Knowledge (New Media)
WSQ Develop Media Product Knowledge (OOH)
WSQ Develop Media Sales Proposal
WSQ Direct the Principles of Design and Communication to the Development of a Digital Media Product
WSQ Direct The Scope and Integration of Multiple Projects/Programme
WSQ Identify Sales Prospects
WSQ Identify, Implement and Manage Change and Innovation
WSQ Maintain Workplace Safety and Health Policies and Procedures
WSQ Make Presentations
WSQ Manage Innovation in a Business Function
WSQ Manage IP at a Strategic Level
WSQ Manage Operational Plan
WSQ Manage Project Cost
WSQ Manage Project Timeline
WSQ Manage Risk
WSQ Manage the Use of Analytics and Develop Data Strategies
WSQ Present Effectively to Engage and Manage Your Audience
WSQ Provide Leadership Across the Organisation
WSQ Sales Techniques and Prospecting
WSQ Select New Technology Platforms for Business

Creative Writing

WSQ Administer and Manage the Use of Licensed Copyright Materials Created
WSQ Conduct Rules-Based Copy Editing
WSQ Manage Communications in a Creative Environment
WSQ Produce a Script from a Client Brief
WSQ Write a Concept Proposal to Pitch to a Client
WSQ Write a Documentary Script
WSQ Write a Narrative Script
WSQ Write a Narrative Script (Chinese)
WSQ Write a Sitcom Script
WSQ Write Advertising Copy for Print Media
WSQ Write and Edit Copy for Interactive Media Projects
WSQ Write Copy for a Range of Contexts

Film, TV & Images

WSQ Act as a Production Assistant on a Production Set
WSQ Analyse a Script
WSQ Assist the Director in the Co-ordination of All Production Activity, and Supervise the Cast and Crew
WSQ Breakdown a Script
WSQ Compose, Frame and Track the Image
WSQ Contribute to Pre-Production Planning
WSQ Coordinates Film or Television Camera Requirements on a Production Shoot
WSQ Create Technical Editing Decisions
WSQ Develop and Manage Business Partnerships in a Project
WSQ Devise Camera Angles and Coverage with the Director of Photography / Cameraman and Director to Maximise Dramatic Effect
WSQ Direct a Multi-Camera Production
WSQ Direct the Production (Film)
WSQ Direct the Production (TV)
WSQ Direct the Realization of the Design Requirements
WSQ Identify Video Sources and Transitions for Vision Mixing
WSQ Import, Edit and Export Audio and Video Footage
WSQ Install Lighting Equipment, Accessories and Mounting Equipment
WSQ Make Creative Editing Decisions for Moving Images
WSQ Manage and Carry Out Lighting for Live Events
WSQ Manage Audio Equipment for a Recording Session
WSQ Manage Post-Production Process to Ensure a Coherent and Integrated Production
WSQ Manage the Selection and Negotiation of Contracts and Deal Memos of the Production Crew
WSQ Operate Camera Stabilising System
WSQ Operate Visual Effects Online Console to Produce Visual Effects
WSQ Plan and Manage Locations
WSQ Plan Production (Pre-Production)
WSQ Plan the Production Budget, Schedule and Methods of Delivery
WSQ Set Up Lights to Achieve the Desired Technical and Aesthetic Requirements of a Shoot
WSQ Set, Plot and Rehearse Lighting and Stage Effects for a Production

New Media & Technology

WSQ Plan Content for Web and Multimedia Products
WSQ Promote Products and Services on Social Media

Radio & Sound

WSQ Determine Requirements and Direct Sound Operations
WSQ Edit Sound Using a Digital Audio Workstation
WSQ Ensure the Quality of Sound Recording
WSQ Produce Radio Programmes
WSQ Record Location Sound


MASTERCLASS: “Understanding Actors” for Producers & Directors
MASTERCLASS: Advanced Screenwriting
MASTERCLASS: Advanced Transmedia Creation – Spread, Engage, Activate with Jeff Gomez
MASTERCLASS: Blockbuster Brand Strategies and Techniques
MASTERCLASS: Co Producing for the International Market
MASTERCLASS: Content Strategy – The Hidden Power of Telling Omni-Channel Brand Stories
MASTERCLASS: Creative Composition
MASTERCLASS: Data Management – On Set and In Post
MASTERCLASS: Digital and Social Media for Journalist
MASTERCLASS: Digital Cinematography Log and Raw
MASTERCLASS: Directing Actors
MASTERCLASS: Entertainment Marketing Techniques
MASTERCLASS: Extending Storytelling Through Transmedia
MASTERCLASS: Factual Commentary Writing
MASTERCLASS: Factual Storytelling and Directing
MASTERCLASS: Feature Documentary
MASTERCLASS: Half Hour Comedy Writer’s Lab
MASTERCLASS: Horror Film Scriptwriting & Directing
MASTERCLASS: Lighting Techniques
MASTERCLASS: Live Multi-Camera Production
MASTERCLASS: Mastering Reality
MASTERCLASS: Media Branding Strategy
MASTERCLASS: Script Editing
MASTERCLASS: Showrunner Training
MASTERCLASS: Television News – Writing to Pictures
MASTERCLASS: The Art of Producing Documentaries
MASTERCLASS: The Art of Writing for Television
MASTERCLASS: The Digital Producer
MASTERCLASS: The Essence of Production
MASTERCLASS: Transmedia Content Creation
MASTERCLASS: Transmedia Production and Distribution
MASTERCLASS: Ultra HD Production
MASTERCLASS: Understanding of Television Formats, Edits and Its Future
MASTERCLASS: Utilising Film Festivals and Media Labs to Develop and Sell Your Film
MASTERCLASS: Writing TV Comedy Series


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