Singapore Management University Student Union

Singapore Management University Student Union

Singapore Management University (SMU)


The SMU Students’ Association (SMUSA) was formed in 2000 by its pioneer batch of students. Its aim is to build a cohesive and close-knit community of students. Every matriculated SMU undergraduate is a member of the SMUSA.

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Students’ Association Executive Committee

The SMUSA represents the interests and welfare of the student community and establishes communication channels between students, student leaders and university administration.

It also provides support to all student clubs to increase and enhance the level of student participation in CCAs. Concurrently, it enacts the guidelines and procedures that govern the entire Association.

An Executive Committee, commonly known as the SMUSA ExCo, runs these operations of the SMUSA.

Students’ Association Council

The Students’ Association Council or SMUSA Council in short, is the policy-making arm of the SMUSA and provides strategic direction to its executive arm, the SMUSA ExCo. As a student government body, it is the highest office of student leadership in SMU.

With a variety of student clubs catering to diverse CCA in SMU, such clubs come under the administrative purview of school-based and non-school-based Constituent Bodies, or CBds.

The Presidents of these CBds and members of the SMUSA ExCo make up the SMUSA Council. The President of the SMUSA Executive Committee is also the concurrent President of the SMUSA Council.