Singapore Management University – Student Life on Campus

Singapore Management University – Student Life on Campus

Singapore Management University (SMU)


The Office of Student Life(OSL) encourages meaningful participation in co-curricular activities for an active and balanced life, complementing the educational mission of the university. It promotes the arts, sports and adventure, while encouraging the spirit of leadership for students to learn, serve and lead by example.

Co-curricular activities, abbreviated as CCA, exist at both recreational and competitive levels supported mainly by student clubs, while customised excellence programmes – whether in the arts or sports – are pursued through the support of the office.Special interests, like debating and animal welfare advocacy, and community service as in serving the Red Cross, are also encouraged for students to broaden their interests and play a bigger role in society.

Under the banner of community leadership, OSL works closely with student leadership groups like the SMU Student Association, the SMU Ambassadorial Corps, and specially formed student committees to organise university-wide events such as Opening of the Academic Year, Freshmen orientation Camp, Patron’s Day, SMU Arts Festival, just to name a few. Opportunities abound for a rich and fulfilling student life outside the classroom. SMU students will find it a challenge balancing studies, career plans and pursuing CCA interests. This, however, prepares SMU students as matured all-rounders for life after graduation. The amazing thing is that many alumni do come back to continue their CCA interests and participate in student life.

Student life at SMU is exciting, vibrant, and diverse!

SMU Student Clubs

The following is a current list of student clubs that reside under the four non-school CBds (ACF, SSU, SMUX and SICS):

A good number of SMU students have a passion for the arts as evidenced not only by the numerous arts CCA clubs but also by the quality and interest of these groups.

Many of these clubs perform regularly at university events, and are also invited to showcase their talents by external organisations. These arts groups reside under the Arts student Constituent Body, the Arts & Cultural Fraternity (ACF).

SMU Ardiente is a Latin Ballroom Dance Club that develops talent and passion for five Latin dances (Cha-Cha-Cha, Samba, Rumba, Paso Doble, and Jive) through performances, competitions and productions.
SMU Artdicted is a visual arts club which organizes workshops and art jams to provide experiential opportunities for all students, culminating in an annual student led visual arts exhibition.
SMU Ballare is a club advocating the 5 standard ballroom dance (Waltz, Quickstep, Tango, Foxtrot & Viennese Waltz) in notable dancesport competitions both locally and internationally.
SMU Broadcast & Entertainment is a one-stop media centre which comprises 4 wings — Campus Radio, Campus TV, Artiste Management Team, Events & Backstage.
SMU Caderas Latinas specialises in competitive and recreational salsa dancing, and is one of the most recognised student performance teams in the local salsa scene.
SMU Chamber Choir welcomes all choristers, seasoned and new, in joining this tight-knit family to showcase your voices in a variety of performance and competitive platforms.
SMU Chinese Orchestra comprises a group of music enthusiasts who have made it their mission to promote classical and contemporary Chinese music appreciation to the public.
SMU Eurhythmix is widely recognised as one of Singapore’s premier tertiary hip-hop dance teams, and aims to inspire students to develop a passion for street dance.
SMU Funk Movement is a street-style dance club, always ready to demonstrate funk’s signature ‘popping’ and ‘locking’ moves.
SMU Guitarissimo consists of a classical guitar ensemble, a Niibori guitar group and the Guitarissimo band.
SMU INDANCITY is a contemporary dance club for those with the passion for mastery of technique and expression of the art form.
SMU Indian Cultural Society explores India’s rich history and shares it with the community at large through dance, culture and traditions.
SMU Ivory Keys is the resident piano ensemble, which aspires to build a community of pianists who are committed to achieving musical understanding and artistic excellence.
SMU Komunitas Indonesia shares and promotes Indonesia’s arts and culture through a diversity of dances, songs and music through various campus events and productions.
SMU Literati is dedicated to promoting interest in both spoken and written literary expression.
SMU Music Interactive Club scouts, trains, grooms and manages students with the talent and passion for music, singing and songwriting.
SMU Persadamu (Malay Language and Cultural Club) actively promotes Malay cultural performances and literary expression on campus.
SMUSAIC encourages photography enthusiasts to gather and build on one another’s expertise through constant activities including various workshops, annual exhibitions and photo walks.
SMU Samba Masala plays Brazilian samba batucada music fused with funk, afrobeat and local ethnic rhythms.
SMU SoundFoundry is where all the indie bands in SMU meet and jam regularly, playing music from Jazz to Rock.
SMU StageIT is a student run theatre club dedicated to promoting the theatre culture through workshops and annual productions.
SMU Stereometa is a premier student DJ collective at the tertiary level, with members who pride themselves as students by day and DJs by night.
SMU Symphonia has grown from a small ensemble to become a full-fledged wind and string symphony, through passionate musicians who live by the core values of music, friends and fun.
SMU Voix is deeply passionate about singing without the use of any music instrument, and is constantly experimenting with the voice as an uber-versatile sound machine.


There are two Constituent Bodies (CBds) looking after the Sports & Adventure Clubs – SMU Sports Union (SSU), which oversees the recreational and competitive sports clubs, and SMU Xtremists (SMUX) which takes care of the seven extreme sports clubs.

The Office of Student Life, together with the sports CBds, provide development, enrichment and enjoyment for students through a wide variety of sports and recreational co-curricular activities. Students are also encouraged to participate in competitions, such as the Institute-Varsity-Polytechnic (IVP) Games, National Championships, Regional and International Games.

SMU Aikido is a non-violent and non-competitive martial art.
SMU Aquathlon is SMU’s sole multisport CCA that brings together the endurance disciplines of swimming and running into a lifestyle sport.
SMU Aquatic Sharks is SMU’s swimming and water-polo club.
SMU Archery trains archers in the ancient art and skill of marksmanship.
SMU Badminton, one of the more popular racket games in Asia.
SMU Basketball — Inspired by Michael Jordan, Shaquille O’Neal or Yao Ming? Join Basketball!
SMU Bowling — for recreation or competition.
SMU Climb Team, now trains at our spanking new two-storey-high rock climbing wall in the Sports Hall.
SMU Cue Sports — like snooker and billards, this is an indoor sport that requires much precision.
SMU Dragonboat derives greatness from team commitment, perserverance and strength.
SMU Fencing Club is a way for you to get to know how Zorro feels when he holds his saber/foil.
SMU Floorball is played with five players and a goalkeeper; a plastic curved stick and ball, and is similar to hockey.
SMU Golf is a sport that requires much patience and precision.
SMU Handball is a fast-paced sport that combines elements of basketball and football.
SMU Judo recruits those with a disciplined spirit to bring out the best in each individual through the practice of this martial art.
SMU Kendo is the modern martial art of Japanese fencing, developed from traditional techniques of Japanese swordsmanship known as kenjutsu.
SMU Muay Thai or Thai Boxing is a popular martial art where members can join on a competitive basis or simply to maintain their level of fitness.
SMU Netball is a team sport which requires agility, endurance, tactics, ball-handling skills and teamwork.
SMU Rugby Team — only for the physically fit!
SMU RunTeam — for all those interested in running, either competitively or for leisure.
SMU Sailing is the co-organiser of the Western Circuit Sailing Regatta together with Raffles Marina Ltd, and has participated in national and international competitions.
SMU Soccer (Men) consists of avid soccer players who participate in the annual IVP Games.
SMU Soccer (Women) spreads the soccer spirit and promotes the sport to ladies.
SMU Softball is a direct descendent of baseball.
SMU Squash — a fast-paced sport played in an enclosed court.
SMU Taekwondo is a martial art which trains both body and mind, through the spirit of fair play.
SMU Tchoukball – Created by Swiss Biologist Hermann Brandt to mitigate concerns about serious injuries among athletes from aggressive contact sports. Brandt believed that sports should not only form champions, but also contribute to a better and more humane society. Hence the sport was designed to contain elements of handball, volleyball and squash, without any physical contact.
SMU Tennis, another very popular racket sport that can be played competitively or just for recreation.
SMU Touch Football (Women) is similar to traditional rugby, without the tackling aspect.
SMU Track & Field is a compulsory sport at all major sports competitions.
SMU Ultimate Frisbee, which involves “disc throwing”, is a retro sport that is making a big comeback.
SMU Volleyball — with six aside, this court game involves sets, spikes, serves and lots of team coordination.
SMU Wakeboarding is a cross between water-skiing, snowboarding and surfing.
SMU Windsurfing or boardsailing, is a combination of surfing and sailing, and is all about speed and radical moves.
SMU Wushu — the art of Chinese self-defence.
7 Adventure Clubs under SMU Xtremists
SMUX Biking Team caters to the needs of both new cyclists and regular bikers. We organised events of different levels of difficulty.
SMUX Diving Team promotes the outdoors by giving you the opportunity to dive into the deep blue waters of Pulau Tioman, Pulau Dayang and Pulau Aur, just to name a few.
SMUX Skating Team promotes the sport of in-line skating.
SMUX Kayaking Team organises kayak expeditions and white-water rafting trips.
SMUX Trekking Team organises trekking trips both locally or overseas, ususally to Malaysia.
SMUX Horse Riding Club promotes the equestrian sport.
SMUX Xseed Team is always looking to introduce new activities to the SMU student community such as horse-riding, cable-skiing, ice-skating or sky-diving.


The clubs under the Special Interest and Community Service Sodality (SICS) cater to a wide range of varied interests, including food, wine, board gaming, recreational fishing, mixed martial arts, and also professional development skills such as public speaking, debating and social enterprise. Our community service clubs engage in both short- and long-term projects, reaching out to a range of beneficiaries that include disadvantaged children, troubled teens, the elderly and the disabled.

Special Interest Clubs

AIESEC, the world’s largest student organisation, is the international platform for young people to discover and develop their potential so as to have a positive impact on society.
People for Animal Welfare (PAW) raises awareness about animal abuse and promotes responsible pet ownership.
Recreational Gaming Club is SMU’s inaugural social table-gaming club, where friendships are forged among students with a common passion in Mahjong, Poker and Contract Bridge.
SMU Barworks imparts liquor knowledge and bartending skills to students who are passionate in the art of cocktail mixing. From there, members can stretch their imagination to create special cocktails to call their own!
SMU Conjunct Consulting is part of Southeast Asia’s first social change consultancy. Its mission is to engage, mobilise and empower pro bono talent to strengthen social good organisations in Singapore. The SMU Chapter works on projects which bring together working professionals and trained student consultants to provide pro bono consulting services to non-profit partners.
SMU Debating Society aims to expose and train students to debate ideas and arguments coherently and logically in the English language.
SMU E-Sports is a club that gives members who have a keen interest in casual and competitive gaming a platform for social gaming gatherings and participate in competitive gaming.
SMU FitnessWorks organises fitness classes as well as health and nutrition talks for the SMU community.
SMU Gourmet Club brings food appreciation to a new level by dishing out exciting culinary experiences for SMU at its events and sharing these experiences with others through its publications.
SMU Mixed Martial Arts (SMU MMA) aims to be a comfortable and accessible avenue for the SMU community to learn and excel in the sport of mixed martial arts, both in the recreational and competitive domain.
SMU Real Business strives to encourage student entrepreneurship for both aspiring and seasoned entrepreneurs.
SMU Recreational Fishing is a club for all fishing enthusiasts to come together and share their fishing experiences and tips.
SMU Toastmasters helps students learn how to express themselves confidently, clearly and effectively in front of audiences.
SMU Verts promotes environmental conservation through awareness campaigns and partnering with environmentally-passionate students to engage the SMU community.
SMU Wine Appreciation Club actively provide wine-enthusiasts in SMU a platform to share their knowledge and interest in wine.
SMU Women’s Connection seeks to enrich women’s lives through workshops, talks and networking sessions that are in line with women’s interests.
Strategica is a club set for students with a special interest in board games. Members can meet up and bond with each other while playing board games.
United Nations Students’ Association (UNSA – SMU) raises members’ awareness of issues such as peace, human rights, respect for international law, social progress and freedom through participation in Model United Nations Conferences.

Community Service Clubs

SMU Caretalyst helps students become social entrepreneurs, humanitarian workers and caring citizens, effecting positive social transformation through the synergistic collaboration of business enterprises, community groups and individuals.
SMU BP Mentoring encourages individuals to act as mentors to youth who need that “extra helping hand”.
SMU Habitat for Humanity is the first campus chapter in Singapore of international non-profit organisation Habitat for Humanity with the aim of creating a world where every child has a decent place to live in.
SMU Red Cross Youth Chapter is part of the Red Cross Humanitarian Network, and promotes interactions with other tertiary chapters.
SMU Rotaract Club is a youth development club that emphasises on service, networking and fellowship.
SMU Uni-Y works closely with the YMCA of Singapore to provide local and international programmes for SMU students and creates opportunities for leadership.


The Registry of Societies (ROS) Clubs cater to any club or association of 10 or more persons, whatever its nature or object, and not already registered under any other law. The ROS Clubs registered with the Registry of Societies of Singapore ( were formed by students to promote awareness and understanding of the various faiths and cultures within the SMU student community.

Being self-governing, these societies are not part of the legal entity of Singapore Management University.  They do not represent or make any representations on the University’s behalf. The activities and views of these ROS Clubs are the sole responsibility of the societies and of its members.

SMU Apolitical is SMU’s first student political association established in 2010. It strives to increase awareness of local and international politics in a non-partisan manner and seeks to provide the SMU community with an avenue for discussion, for issues relating to social and public policy affecting society at-large.
SMU Christian Fellowship aims to help like-minded students know and mature in Christ by faithfully understanding, living, and proclaiming the gospel.
SMU CRU aims to win, build, train and send every disciple to become a multiplying lifelong labourer for the Great Commission.

SMU Dhamma Circle aspires to be a place for students to learn and live life through the practice of mindfulness, compassion and wisdom. As a non-sectarian Buddhist society, we welcome every student to join us in our Dhamma sharing sessions and activities.
SMU Fides aims to create an avenue for dialogue, praise and worship, faith formation and spiritual guidance in the Singapore Management University community for Catholics and those interested in the Catholic faith.

SMU Muslim Society aims to serve the Muslim community in SMU and society at-large for the betterment of humanity. Through a wide range of events and initiatives, SMU Muslim society actively endeavours to promote a deeper understanding of Islam, build a vibrant and cohesive Muslim student community, and enable all to strive for perfection in the pursuit of moral excellence. The Islamic Business and Finance Society is a sub-club under SMU Muslim Society.

SMU Sikhs Inc strives to provide an avenue for our SMU Sikhs and the larger SMU community to learn about the Sikh’s culture, values and heritage.



International Connections (ICON) celebrates cultural diversity and helps international students settle into life at SMU and in Singapore. Comprising both international and local students, ICON organises a series of activities and programmes throughout the year, to encourage cross-cultural learning and understanding. ICON oversees 12 cultural clubs and students may sign up to be a member of any of these clubs to participate in fun and educational cultural activities such as cooking classes, craft workshops, camps, and most importantly, to meet new friends from around the world! For more information, please visit ICON is administered by the Office of Global Learning.

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