Singapore Management University Accommodation

Singapore Management University Accommodation

Singapore Management University (SMU)

Things to do

If you require a visa to enter Singapore, SMU will arrange for one to be issued. The Student’s Pass in-principal approval (IPA) letter that you will receive will include a single-entry visa; do ensure that you have received the IPA letter before you leave for Singapore. Please read here before you start the Student’s Pass Application process.

All students are required to undergo a compulsory Pre-enrolment Medical Examination. You can choose to either complete your medical examination in your home country* or in Singapore. Please click here for more details on medical examination requirements.

*If you choose to complete your medical examination in your home country, you will have to bring your medical report to the Raffles Medical Centre at Raffles Hospital (Level 1) to get endorsement by a Raffles Medical Group doctor.

Please ensure that you have a valid passport for international travel (at least 6 months validity).

Undergraduates must bring along their original high school results** / transcripts**, SAT I report etc. for verification at the Office of Undergraduate Admissions at SMU upon arrival into Singapore.

Postgraduates are to bring their relevant documents with them for verification on the specific date stated by their respective Graduate Offices.

** Official translations of documents are required if they are not in English.

Please ensure that you have confirmed all your housing arrangements and that you have a place to stay upon arrival into Singapore.
You must bring enough Singapore currency to cover the first few weeks of your stay in Singapore. It is advisable to carry a cash amount of approximately S$1,000, together with larger amounts in bankdrafts or travellers’ cheques for the initial period. Please note that bankdrafts drawn on overseas banks take about 3 weeks to clear.

You must pack your personal belongings (clothings / toiletries etc.). Most things can be purchased in Singapore though. As Singapore is generally humid and hot throughout the year, most students are dressed in jeans / bermudas / T-shirts. You may want to bring some formal clothings for formal functions/presentations.

You may want to pack the National costume of your country for SMU Peace Day. (Not applicable to postgraduates)

Things to bring

A passport ( with at least 6 month’s validity )

A photocopy of the bio-data page of the passport

Student’s Pass In-Principal-Approval (IPA) Letter

Form 16 – to be presented when collecting your Student’s Pass from ICA.
Pre-enrolment Medical Report. Please click here for more details on medical examination requirements.

SMU Letter of Offer ( printed copies from email are also acceptable )

All original academic transcripts and educational documents

Other personal identification, such as Identity Card and birth certificate)

Half a dozen passport-sized photographs
(Size: 35mm x 43mm; Quantity: 2; Note: To be done in home country )
Confirmed letter/email notification on your accommodation in Singapore



In accordance with the Immigration Act, any foreigner who is not a Singapore Permanent Resident, and wishes to study at SMU, is required to apply for a Student’s Pass. If you have recently attained Singapore Permanent Residency, please inform us accordingly.

SMU will advise you by email on the Student’s Pass application procedures. After receiving the email, please log on to the SOLAR system on the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) website with your assigned SOLAR application number and your personal particulars.  Once you have logged on to the system, you may proceed to complete the Student’s Pass application form (Form 16) and submit the application online to ICA for processing.

Do ensure that you read through the FAQs before you proceed to apply online. The FAQs are available at the ICA website.

We will be keeping in touch with you via email throughout the Student’s Pass application process till your arrival in Singapore .  Do ensure that you check and clear your mailbox regularly. 

Things to note for your Student’s Pass Application:

Uploading of Student’s Photo
Students are required to attach a digital photograph when submitting Student’s Pass application through SOLAR. Click here for the guideline on taking photograph.

1. Processing Fee
A processing fee of $30 is required for every application submitted to ICA . The fee is non-refundable regardless of the outcome of the application or if application is withdrawn after submission. For submission via Solar, please make payment by credit/debit card or internet banking (Citibank, DBS/POSB or OUB).

2. Issuance Fee
A $60 issuance fee for every Student’s Pass issued and a further $30 multiple-entry visa fee for visa required nationals, where applicable. The fee is payable when the successful applicant completes the formality to collect the Student’s Pass.

Prior to collection of Student’s Pass card, the applicant has to make an appointment for the collection of the card via the e-Appointment system. Please note that an e-Appointment must be made at least 3 working days before the preferred date and time.

Completion of Formality (COF) and Registration of Biometric Data
All international students are required to make an e-appointment with ICA for the Completion of Formality (COF) and Registration of Biometric Data. Once you have confirmed your travel dates, please login to SOLAR or the ICA website to book an e-appointment date as there are limited slots.

Please note the following:

  • For undergraduates, please book a date before the ID verification period as you will need to submit your Student’s Pass for verification.
  • For postgraduates, please book a date before your respective Graduate Offices’ stipulated student card collection date.
  • You are only allowed to cancel your appointment online once.

Upon your arrival at ICA , you are required to scan your IPA letter at Kiosk 3 for queue tickets, proceed to counter 24 to 27 for COF and registration of biometric data (i.e. fingerprint capturing for those aged 15 years).

Collection of Card at ICA 
1. Payment of Issuance Fee prior to Collection of STP Card

Payment of issuance fee is to be done prior to collection of STP card.  Upon receipt of the IPA, applicant can login to the SOLAR website to pay issuance fee online prior to coming to ICA for completion of formality.  Payment is by Credit/Debit card or internet banking.  Alternatively, applicant can pay at the self-service kiosk at elobby located at the ground floor of ICA Building .  Payment is by eNETs or Cashcard.   For payment made at the elobby, applicant is required to furnish the receipt to our staff when collecting of the STP card.

2. Collection of STP card

Collection of STP card will be at Counter 19 to 23.  Applicant is required to scan his/her IPA at Kiosk 4 (located opposite counter 27) for a “Collection of STP” queue ticket and wait to be served.

3. Terms & Conditions of Issue of STP card (T&C)

Each applicant is requires to complete and sign a T&C for the Collection of STP.   The T&C set out the terms and conditions for the issue of the STP card.  Any applicant who failed to comply with the conditions stipulated in the T&C is guilty of an offence under the Immigration Regulations.

Other Student’s Pass Matters

1. Replacement Card

If the Card is lost or stolen, applicant is required to make a police report immediately and report to ICA within 7 days to apply for a replacement card.  Applicant is required to pay an issuance fees of $60 for the replacement card.  The replacement card will be ready for collection after 2 weeks from the date of reporting.  Collection time may be extended during the peak period.

2. Automated lanes at checkpoints

For STP card holders who have registered their fingerprints for the cards and if their passports are compliant with the standards set by the International Civil Aviation Organisation, they will be able to use the automated lanes at the checkpoints for clearance.  STP card holders who are eligible for automated clearance will be advised accordingly at the point of registration of biometric data.

For more information, please click here.



All SMU students are required to undergo a compulsory medical examination with Raffles Medical Group (RMG) in Singapore. For more information, please refer to the matriculation website.

A.1 SMU Residences @ Prinsep

A. SMU Hostels/Accommodaton

The residence is within close proximity to Little India, Bugis Junction and the National Library and within walking distance from campus. It consists of 3 blocks of 4-storey apartments in a tropical setting with landscaping and abundant foliage. There are a total of 48 individual apartments with a total capacity of accommodating 250 students. Each has a lounge cum dining area, equipped with refrigerator and microwave oven. Rooms are furnished with a Loft Bed cum Study table. While SMU Residences @ Prinsep is open to all SMU undergraduates, first year undergraduates would be given preference due to the limited number of beds.

For more information, please click here.

A.2 Commonwealth Hostel Also Known As yo:HA @ Commonwealth

SMU has leased 3 blocks consisting 140 Beds at Commonwealth Drive from EM Services Pte Ltd (a private hostel operator) and it is open to Senior Undergraduate Students (full-time SMU students 2nd year and above), Exchange Students and Full Time Post Graduate Students who plan to study full time at SMU for the forthcoming academic year.

For more information, please click here.

B. Private Accommodation

B.1 Student Hostels
Students who require accommodation will be pleased to note that SMU students enjoy preferential rates at various privately-managed student hostels.

For more information, please click here.

B.2 Private Apartments
If you prefer private apartments, you can engage the services of a property agent to help you find an apartment. There will be an agent’s fee for this.


Points to Consider When Choosing Accommodation:

  • Rent – This includes the rental amount of the unit, rental deposit, security deposit, administrative charges, agent fees for service rendered, etc.
  • Location – Do check whether the apartment/hostel is conveniently located and if public transport, grocery stores, food outlets or banks are easily accessible.
  • Length of Lease – The lease of a unit is normally for at least a year. Landlords of private apartments usually ask for up to 3 months’ rent as deposit. However, short term lease is available but usually at a higher rental.
  • Others – The cost of accommodation depends on several factors such as the locality, type of premises, size, furnishings provided, recreational facilities available, length of lease. Housing in Singapore is generally expensive, especially within the city.

Do note that the contract / tenancy agreement will be solely between the student and hostel management / owner. Please read the contract / tenancy agreement carefully before you make any commitment.