Singapore Lion’s Club Bursary Award

By | August 11, 2017

Singapore Lion’s Club Bursary Award

Faculty Level : Bursaries

Singapore Lion’s Club Bursary Award

Lions Club of Singapore was established in 1958. They carry out service works in key areas fostered by Lions Clubs International. These include programmes for elderly, youth and children . In celebration of their 50 years of community service in Singapore , the Lions Club of Singapore has launched the Lions Educational Funding scheme

The signing of the gift agreement between Lions Community Service Foundation and NUS took place on 20 th January 2009. A total sum of $45,000 will be donated to establish the Singapore Lions Clubs’ Bursary. The purpose of this bursary is to help financially needy FASS students.

Application period

Value of Award

The Bursary is valued at $2000 per applicant.


The Bursary will be given to the student within a month from approval.


The bursary is available to FASS students who:

  • are Singapore citizens or Permanent Residents;
  • have made satisfactory progress towards completion of their academic program

Financial need (based on indicators such as family per capita income indicator) will be the deciding factor for breaking ties. Information on co-curricular participation and family financial circumstances must be submitted at the time of application.

Awardees are strongly encouraged to visit and participate in the services and activities being rendered by the Lions Home for the Elders and/or the Lions Befrienders Service.

Students awarded the Singapore Lions Clubs’ Bursary are not allowed to hold any other bursaries or scholarships from NUS or other organizations.

Application Process

  • Students are required to complete the online form
  • Students who apply for this bursary will be considered for all other bursaries available at Office of Financial Aid during the same semester.
  • Successful applicants will be notified by email.

Upon Successful Application

Submit the Acceptance Form.