Rutgers Business School Asia Pacific Courses Offered

By | March 17, 2017

Rutgers Business School Asia Pacific Courses Offered

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Rutgers Business School Executive MBA (EMBA)

About the Rutgers Executive MBA

The Rutgers Executive Master of Business Administration program (EMBA) is the premier choice of business education for the highly motivated professional with aspirations for an accelerated career growth and development. The Executive MBA provides high level sustainable experience that will last your throughout your career where an intersection of theory and practice provides maximum benefits to individuals intent on making every class count. Apply what you learned in class today to your business challenges when you are back in the office on Monday.

The EMBA part time program conducted in Singapore comprises 18 modules. The course content mirrors what is taught in the program in the US while being enhanced with examples and business cases relevant to the Asia Pacific region. There is one intake annually in February each year.

Curriculum & Schedule

Rutgers Business School offers the Executive MBA program annually in Singapore beginning in February. The EMBA program begins with a nine-day intensive week. This week is designed to orient students to the program and ease the apprehension that is naturally felt by those who have not been students in many years. After the initial nine days, students will be up to speed and will then be completing the remaining modules on a modular basis. The EMBA will then conclude with a final nine-day intensive week.

Classes are conducted on a cohort basis. The class size is kept at an optimum number of students to ensure our students receive adequate support from our professors and for students to have the opportunity to actively participate in discussions throughout the program, while ensuring that there is a variety of experience in the room.

Curriculum & Assessment

The EMBA has a total of 18 modules are delivered with each module consisting of 38 hours of face to face classroom time.  The EMBA program utilizes a “building-block” approach where each module builds upon the previous one.


  • Financial Accounting
  • Business Statistics

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  • Financial Management
  • Weblife & Management Decision
  • Marketing Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Financial Statement Analysis

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Business Environment

  • Aggregate Economics
  • Managerial Economics
  • International Business

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Leadership, Management & Strategy

  • Global Leadership
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Analytical Techniques
  • Law & Ethics

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Advanced Modules*

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Advanced Financial Management
  • Global Marketing Strategy
  • Business in Emerging Markets
  • International Financial Strategy
  • Corporate Strategy

*Advanced modules offered may vary each year


  • Business Strategy

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Executive MBA Referral Program

Many of our students and alumni know a colleague, friend or family member who could benefit from completing the prestigious Rutgers Executive MBA.

To show our appreciation for spreading the word about the Rutgers Executive MBA, for every referral who has successfully enrolled into the EMBA program after your recommendation, you will receive a token of appreciation of SGD$2000^. To assist you with the referral efforts, please contact us at 6805 4007 for more details.

^Terms and conditions apply. Please download the Terms & Conditions from the link below.

Class Profile

The Rutgers EMBA attracts a dynamic group of professionals from a myriad of industries and cultural backgrounds. You will learn alongside other, equally ambitious participants working closely with them throughout the EMBA journey and gaining a distinctive edge that extends far beyond the classroom.

A typical class profile will have an average age of 39-40 with 15-16 years of experience in middle to senior level management positions. The class size is between 20-25 students. Our EMBAs are chosen both for their overall abilities and the contributions they can bring to the class. Each student brings a unique set of skills and experiences and together, they create a collaborative learning environment. The program is designed to allow opportunities for an in-depth discussions with their classmates and professors to enhance the overall learning experience.


Executive Education    Open & Customized Programs

Educating Professionals & Executives Worldwide


Global companies around the world engage Rutgers Business School to help direct transformational leadership, develop skilled technical leaders, and inculcate key attributes such as flexibility and the ability to cope with the changing environments that are the new normal in businesses today.

Rutgers Business School Asia Pacific looks beyond traditional instruction to ensure relevancy to current business needs while keeping an eye to the horizon in terms of innovation and competitiveness. Our customized executive programs expose organizations to a more entrepreneurial, collaborative way of thinking and working that is required at the top of teams and companies.

Our customization process will ensure that programs are designed to be aligned with your organization’s strategy and to deliver immediate, maximized impact. We provide a tailored, outcome-oriented program designed just for you, creating employee and organizational development in a timely and cost effective manner. These programs deliver measurable and observable outcomes for both the participants and your organization.

  • Clients include Fortune 50 corporations and organizations
  • Educational solutions provided on a global scale, including delivery both in person or online to meet a client’s unique needs
Our Approach to Executive Education…


Corporate Custom Program Features


Customized Programs with Rutgers

Partner with Rutgers to Empower Your Workforce

By partnering with Rutgers at your location, you can develop your most valuable resource – your people. Rutgers training programs help develop your employees and enable you to leverage the competitive advantage of your workforce. Our faculty, business partners, and subject-matter experts can bring any of our programs directly to your organization, with on-site programs that produce results.

Deliver On-Site Management Training with Rutgers

Our flexible approach centers on your organization’s needs, bringing our outstanding programs to your location. With this type of program delivery, Rutgers Business School Executive Education extends the expertise and resources of Rutgers Business School – US and Asia Pacific – directly to partnering organizations at their locations.

Rutgers Training at Your Preferred Location

Programs at your location enable you to:

  • Train work groups together in a setting that reinforces the company’s goals and organizational culture
  • Save travel costs and time away from work
  • Tap into the skills of hundreds of world-class Rutgers faculty members and talented, seasoned business practitioners
  • Create staff loyalty through your commitment to their professional growth
  • Improve bottom line results through targeted employee and organizational development
Contextualized to Your Industry or Region

Contextualization can assist with placing new information in existing contexts to accelerate learning comprehension. Regional adaptations can assist in placing key concepts within the context of cultural and economic conditions unique to the participant’s environment.