RP Scholarships and Bursaries

By | August 11, 2017

RP Scholarships and Bursaries

About Bursaries

Bursaries are available to help eligible Singaporean students defray living expenses.

General Eligibility

  • Full-time Diploma students
  • Singapore Citizen
  • Gross Monthly Household Per Capita Income (PCI) ≤ $2,250 or Gross Monthly Household Income (GHI) ≤ $9,000
  • Not a recipient of a full scholarship that covers tuition fees and a monthly or annual living allowance
  • Other eligibility criteria specified by the sponsor may apply
    *Muslim students on Mendaki Fee Subsidy Scheme are eligible to apply   

Calculating PCI

PCI = Total Gross Monthly Household Income (GHI)
Number of Family Members in the Household (including student)



Please contact us at help-FAS@rp.edu.sg

Government Funded Bursaries

There are 4 types of government funded bursaries, each with different qualifying Gross Monthly Household Per Capita Income (PCI) and Gross Monthly Household Income (GHI). Depending on the family’s PCI or GHI, students applying to the government funded bursaries will be allocated to one of the bursary that they best qualify for.

Government Funded Bursary PCI and GHI Range Quantum per Academic Year Disbursement Arrangement
CDC/CCC Polytechnic Bursary
Tier 1
$0 ≤ PCI ≤ $625
$0 ≤ GHI ≤ $2,500
$2,350 per Academic Year Approved applicants will be notified by a Community Centre to collect the bursary cheque.
CDC/CCC Polytechnic Bursary
Tier 2
$626 ≤ PCI ≤ $1,000
$2,501 ≤ GHI ≤ $4,000
$2,150 per Academic Year
MOE Bursary Tier 1 $1,001 ≤ PCI ≤ $1,725
$4,001 ≤ GHI ≤ $6,900
$1,650 per Academic Year Approved applicants will receive the bursary quantum via GIRO credited into bank account registered with RP.
MOE Bursary Tier 2 $1,726 ≤ PCI ≤ $2,250
$6,901 ≤ GHI ≤ $9,000
$800 per
Academic Year

Students who require reassessment of their PCI or GHI due to change in household income or change in number of family members in same household could write in to help-FAS@rp.edu.sg.

Application Period

Application to the government funded bursaries will open for application every April and October of the Academic Year. Instructions on the application procedures will be sent to eligible students via their RP email address.

Government funded bursaries are awarded for one academic year. Students must submit a new application every year to be considered for the bursaries.

Application Procedure

Each student is required to submit a new application once per academic year. Students are to refer to the email announcement sent to their RP email account for application details such as application form, list of supporting documents to be submitted, submission dates and venue.

For more information on application details, students can click here. Connection to the RP Virtual Private Network (VPN) is required to access the RP intranet.


Student will be required to refund the full or partial bursary quatum if he/she is dismissed, or voluntarily withdraw or defer from his/her course of study.

Private Bursaries

With generous donations from industry partners, charitable organisations, individuals and alumnus, RP is able to help more financially challenged students in the form of bursaries. Administered by RP directly, these bursaries are valued between $400 to $3,000 per academic year.

General Eligibility Criteria

  • Singapore Citizen
  • GPA≥2.0
  • PCI≤$850
  • No disciplinary records (Level 2 and 3 Offences)
  • Not in receipt of another scholarship or bursary (except government bursary) in the same academic year
  • Not staying in private properties
  • Not a repeat student


  • Application to the Private Bursaries is by nomination only.
  • The eligibility criteria for selected private bursaries might differ from the general eligibility criteria as stated.
  • Shortlisted students may be invited to meet the Selection Panel for an interview.