Retail Academy of Singapore Courses

By | February 28, 2017

Retail Academy of Singapore Courses


Since its establishment in 2004, the Retail Academy of Singapore has been offering executive development workshops and courses to retailers. These courses are delivered as public, as well as in-house, programmes in collaboration with established and renowned retail institutions and universities, such as the Institute for Retail Studies (IRS), University of Stirling, UK. The Retail Academy also works with established local and global training organisations to offer specialist programmes to retail executives.

The Retail Academy’s executive development courses are designed for store managers, department managers, functional specialists and managers. The primary focus of these courses is to enrich the participants’ knowledge of the concepts and principles related to retailing, enhance their practical skills, as well as provide an international perspective to their functional areas.

Guided by facilitators with more than 15 years of practical experience, participants can quickly apply these knowledge and skills in their jobs. The executive development courses offered by the Retail Academy are:

IRS, University of Stirling, UK

  • MBA in Retailing
  • Diploma in Retail Management

Psychological Associates, USA

  • Leadership Through People Skills

Retail Education Services Pty Ltd, Australia

  • Driving Retail Profitability
  • Retail Planning to Maximise Profitability
  • Retail Growth Through Effective Analysis
  • Mastering the Retail Market
  • The Role of the Retail Buyer
  • Effective Retail Negotiation
  • Strategic Buying

Visual Merchandising Asia

  • Visual Merchandising

MagiQuestions Consulting

  • Social Media 101
  • Growing and Managing Online Communities Through Social Media
  • Social Media Strategies in a Crisis

Happy Marketer

  • Social Media and Digital Marketing for Retailers


  • Strategic Planning and Management in Retailing
  • Developing Customer Relations and Managing People

MBA in Retailing
The MBA in Retailing is one of only a handful of MBAs in the world specialising in the retail sector. Launched in 1988 by the Institute for Retail Studies (IRS) at the University of Stirling in the UK, almost 500 retail professionals from over 35 countries have graduated over 20 years – many going on to more senior positions in the retail sector.
Diploma in Retail Management
The Diploma in Retail Management has had 43 runs conducted over the past 23 years. The Retail Academy of Singapore is proud to take over this successful programme from August 2005. This programme started as a collaborative effort between the Singapore Retailers Association’s Institute for Retailing and the Institute for Retail Studies (IRS), University of Stirling

WSQ Retail Management Programme
The WSQ Retail Management Programme aims to empower the retail executives and managers with the foundation for professional retail management. The programme is awarded by the Retail Academy of Singapore and validated by Institute for Retail Studies, University of Stirling. It provides a progression pathway to the Diploma in Retail Management for managers who wish to develop his/her career through education.


WSQ Retail Management Programme
WSQ Retail Management Programme aims to empower the retail executives and managers with the required knowledge and skills to better manage the dynamic retail environment. It provides the foundation for professional retail management. The course covers six key areas of retailing that an aspiring retail manager should know.
Retailing and the Economy
Gain a more in-depth understanding on what retailing is all about; and how the principles of economics will influence the growth of the retail sector.​
Strategic Planning and Management in Retailing 
Learn how to develop winning retail strategies, sustain competitive advantage, and manage retail operations for higher sales and profits. Led by Professors John Strong and Ron Hess, two of the most respected retail management educators in the USA, the programme provides participants with tools to build better strategies and to improve financial and productivity.
Visual Merchandising Excellence Masterclass
Visual Merchandising is an important strategy that must be built into the business to better communicate the business propositions, brand statements and appeal to the customers to make that purchase.  This course aims to assist Senior Management, Shop Managers, Store Operations, Marketing Managers, A&P Managers, Buyers/Merchandisers to better understand on how to integrate visual merchandising into their business plan and work with other functions in the company.
Lead and Manage Work Teams 
In today’s competitive environment, learning to work in a team can allow an individual to effectively contribute to the organisation. The combined contribution of all members in a team can have a synergistic outcome that far outweighs the sum of individual effort. The course addresses the skills and knowledge required by store managers to lead and manage work teams effectively.
Manage Marketing Mix
The retail world changes fast and furious with lead times getting shorter and instant gratification being the call of the day. Customers are more informed and expectations are higher. When one retailer fails to meet their needs, they are quick to move to the next one, even as fast as a click of the mouse. Retailers need face challenges and it becomes crucial to map out their corporate strategies in the business environment, aligning their marketing mix with objectives and finally evaluate the marketing mix performance.
Manage Operational Human Resource Policies 
Manage operational human resource policies in the retail and service organizations involves multilayer challenges. The following – formulating a human resource plan, recruiting and selecting appropriate staff, managing staff training and development, and conducting staff performance appraisal – are critical activities in the management of human resource. Human resource is a key asset. It constitutes a major cost of an organization. Effective utilization gives the organization a competitive advantage. A well-managed human resource can differentiate you from your competitors.