Grants : eduLab Funding Programme

eduLab Funding Programme ABOUT EDULAB PROGRAMME eduLab is a key programme for teachers, researchers, and MOE HQ officers to develop ICT innovations for learning that can potentially be adopted or adapted by different schools across the system. eduLab began as an MOE-NIE initiative supported by the National Research Foundation (NRF) in 2011. From 2016 onwards, new… Read More »

MOE Academies Fund (MAF) | NIE

MOE Academies Fund (MAF) | National Institute of Education (NIE) The MOE Academies Fund (MAF) is a component of the third tranche of the Education Research Funding Programme (ERFP) in FY2013–2017. The MAF is set up to: i. Fund development and research projects that will contribute to the enhancement of pedagogical practices or the professional development… Read More »

Education Research Funding Programme – NIE

Education Research Funding Programme – National Institute of Education (NIE) The Office of Education Research (OER) in its third tranche of funding, seeks to encourage research in Scaling, Translation and Knowledge Management that may facilitate the synthesis of research findings from projects in different disciplines, as well as develop scalable pedagogical interventions to enable systemic improvement in… Read More »

National Institute of Education (NIE) Grants

National Institute of Education (NIE) Research Grants Types of Grants NIE applicants may apply for the following sources of funding.  Applicants from the Institutes of Higher Learning and the Academies (e.g., NUS, AST) can apply for 3 – 4 only: 1) Education Research Funding Programme (ERFP) The ERFP funds research focused on efforts to design, develop and implement strategic,… Read More »

National Institute of Education (NIE) Programme Offices

National Institute of Education (NIE) Programme Offices NIE provides all levels of teacher education, from initial teacher education programmes to professional development programmes for in-service teachers and executive leadership programmes for Principals, Departmental Heads and other school leaders. NIE also administers postgraduate programmes that lead to the award of higher degrees. We play  an important… Read More »

National Institute of Education Students

National Institute of Education Students Student Life International Students Services National Institute of Education Portal Related Posts:Call for 2018 Applications : Diploma in Engineering…Singapore Polytechnic Planned Intake 2017 JAEJames Cook University Singapore AccommodationSIT Matriculation for 2017 Academic YearSMU Student Services Hub has been Launched…National Junior College CCASingapore Polytechnic Orientation for Freshmen 2018Singapore Management University –… Read More »