NUS-ISS Learning Day

By | October 28, 2019

National University of Singapore (NUS)-ISS Learning Day


The theme of this year’s Learning Day is “Building Digital Capabilities, Driving Innovation”. Focused on helping you build your digital capabilities and a spirit of innovation, we’ve designed the event to provide a unique learning experience by inspiring and foster learning through showcasing thought leadership from our staff and industry partners. The event consists of at-the-edge industry keynotes, insightful panels/discussions and hands-on demonstration.

Embark on a learning journey this year at the NUS-ISS Learning Day, where you will gain knowledge and insights across topics in Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Development & Engineering, Digital Leadership, Internet of Things, Learning & Development, as well as Product & Project Management.

Who Should Attend
  • Business Analysts
  • Data Analysts & Managers
  • Experience Design Teams
  • Information Analysts & Managers
  • Innovation Managers
  • IT Managers
  • Marketing Managers
  • Project Leads & Managers
  • Software Analysts, Architects, Developers, & Designers
  • Systems Analysts
Date / Time / Venue
  • 11 August 2017, Friday
  • 9:00am – 4:00pm
  • Institute of Systems Science, NUS
    25 Heng Mui Keng Terrace,
    Singapore 119615
  • Shuttle bus to/fro nearby MRT station is available. For more information, click here

Registration has closed

Please register for only one session per time slot for our planning purposes.

  • Seats are limited for some sessions and entry is on a first-come-first-served basis.
  • Please arrive early at your session in order to secure your seat.
  • NUS-ISS reserves the right to make changes to published programme information, including dates, times, venues and speakers without prior notice.

You can claim up to 21 PDUs depending on the session(s) you attend.

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Last year, we saw over 300 industry professionals participating in the Learning Day, and here are some of the feedback which we have received from the participants!

  • Everything was great! Thank you very much for feeding us so well throughout the day too! The ISS Learning Day was wonderful! Kudos to the organising team and the trainers for the amazing content, delivery and fabulous hospitality. Very much appreciate the food and the many snacks too. – Ada Lim, Glee Trees Pte Ltd
  • Please allow me to relay my gratitude to all the lecturers/trainers for their knowledge sharing and valuable information. Also, please allow me to compliment everyone in making the NUS-ISS learning day 2016 a big success. Personally, I find the event was well-organized, food and drink well-taken care of, and most important, the event is very practical and highly relevant for many Singaporean professionals. – Joseph Ting, Singapura Finance
  • Very well organised event. Please continue to do the same in future.- Lau Siew Peng, SITA

If you missed the event last year, join us this year for a day of learning and networking at the NUS-ISS Learning Day 2017!

Learning Day Presentations and Workshops

To allow you to learn in different ways, our Learning Day has been designed to let you experience a variety of topics in three formats:

1) Presentations

Presentations will feature talks & panel discussions conducted by one or more experts. The presentations cover the key topics in the industry, where you will hear about the latest developments and how you can leverage on them.

2) Workshops

These hands-on workshops offer you a chance to put into practice the skills and techniques that you will learn, so that you can immediately apply them in your workplace. Workshops will be carried out in a smaller group settings as well.

Graduate Programmes Talks

For a deeper learning experience and to fulfil your aspiration of furthering your studies, you may want to join us for our Graduate Programmes Talks, where you can have a taste of the content that is covered in the programmes and have a chance to ask any questions you have on the programmes.

9:00amPresentationArtificial Intelligence Track
Panel Discussion: Artificial Intelligence – Humanising AI
Moderated by Dr. Leong Mun Kew, Deputy Director and Dr. Barry Shepherd, Chief, Master of Technology in Knowledge Engineering Programme

Panellists: Prof. Li Haizhou, Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering, National University of Singapore and Mr. Laurence Liew, Director, AI Industry Innovation, AI.SG, NUS

10 years ago, when we used to think of Artificial Intelligence (AI), it was a big computer with lots of lights and a black box of rules that tried to do the same kind of things that people do, just poorly. But today’s AI are driving cars, taking orders for our pizza, teaching English, composing music, and generally interacting with people and with society in ways that seem almost like science fiction. In this panel discussion, we will ask what it takes to be an AI interacting with people on a daily basis, what are some of the interesting (and perhaps ethical) issues arising out of this, and how this relates to Singapore’s vision of the Smart Nation.

PresentationInternet of Things Track
Security Dynamics – Moving IoT and Beyond
By Dr. Woo Kang Wei, Executive Director, QuantumCIEL – Smart City Solutions

Moving IoT sits at the cross-road of two critical trends, viz. the IT/OT convergence and the cyber/physical security convergence. Drawing from different examples in wearable devices, (industrial) robots, bike-sharing/ride-sharing/asset-sharing apps, and drones/autonomous vehicles, this talk will highlight the new security challenges presented by IoT assets on the move (sometimes at high speeds) and the dynamic security context based on geolocation.

PresentationDevelopment & Engineering Track
Towards Digital Manufacturing of Patient-Specific Medical Devices
By Dr. Matthew Chua, Associate Lecturer & Consultant, Medical & Cybernetics Systems

Digital manufacturing is an integrated approach to manufacturing that is centered around a computer system. Current limitations in bio-fabrication for medical needs includes long synthesis time, exceptional skilled labour and costs. We propose an intelligent digital manufacturing system that can perform patient-specific 3D modelling of implants, material selection and optimization. Lastly, a virtual reality (VR) manufacturing lab is proposed to evaluate the prototype manufacturing process and train new manufacturers.

0.5 PDU available

PresentationProduct & Project Management Track
Future Skills for Project Managers – Digital Capability Needed, Deadline Yesterday!
By Mr. Tan Liong Choon, Lecturer & Consultant, Product & Project Management

Businesses has long accepted the Greek philosopher, Heraclitus’s famous quote; “The only thing that is constant is Change”. Today, change is more like a multi-headed hydra characterised by “VUCA”. This presentation aims to highlight key future skills that a Project Manager needs to start thinking about to thrive in the new digital environment.

1.5 PDU available

WorkshopDevelopment & Engineering Track
Voice Computing – The Next Digital Disruption!
By Mr. Prasanna Veerapandi, Assistant Lecturer & Consultant, Startups & SME and Mr. Lee Cjin Pheow, Adjunct Lecturer

Voice is the next major disruption in computing! Big companies like Amazon. Google, Apple and Microsoft are pouring R&D into NLP and AI, making voice-activated hardware assistants like the Amazon Echo and the Google Home. This workshop will teach you how to start building your own Amazon Alexa Skills or Google Home Actions.

PresentationDigital Leadership Track
Governance in the Age of Digital
By Mr. Nicholas Tan, Senior Lecturer & Consultant, IT Strategy & Management

Technology such as data analytics, mobility, social media and smart embedded devices are radically transforming businesses and government.  It is changing business-customer, business-business, government-citizen and people-people interactions.  It is changing business models, business processes, customer behaviours and government policies.  However, although technology presents new opportunities, it also creates new challenges.

To answer these challenges, a firm understanding and practice of enterprise digital governance mechanisms is needed.  The essence of enterprise digital governance enables the creation of a flexible system for maintaining accountability, roles and decision-making in the face of technological changes; and value from the effective and sustainable use of assets.  Practicing enterprise digital governance well disrupts gently, but practicing it unwisely will result in chaotic disruption.

1.5 PDU available

9:30amWorkshopAnalytics Track
Data Visualisation & Storytelling with (Geo)Dashboard, (Geo)Infographics and Story Map
By Mr. Brandon Ng, Lecturer & Consultant, Analytics & Intelligent Systems

Data visualisation is an information design, to present data visually. It consists of three main parts, namely data, visualisation and storytelling. In fact, data visualisation becomes a new language for storytelling. Obviously, it is very important to express complex ideas in simplest manner. The ultimate goal is the essential skillset to create dashboard for business as well as infographics for broad communication.

2 PDU available

 WorkshopArtificial Intelligence Track
Artificial Intelligence to Engage Your Customers
By Mr. Abhinit Kumar Ambastha, Adjunct Lecturer

Predict what your customer wants before they even know it!  AI is a powerful game changer. Companies like IBM, Facebook, Microsoft and now Google are investing heavily in AI. Pattern recognition and visual search are becoming new norms in interacting with customers.  Recommendation systems provide intuition-based recommendations that can influence and boost customer engagement in ways not previously possible. You’ll learn how to leverage customer profiles based on Facebook and Twitter data to generate recommendations using the IBM Watson.

10:00amWorkshopArtificial Intelligence Track
Deep Learning Workshop in Digital Recognition Using R
By Mr. Cai Yuhao, Assistant Lecturer & Consultant, Analytics & Intelligent Systems

Deep Learning is a new area of Machine Learning research, which has been introduced with the objective of moving Machine Learning closer to one of its original goals: Artificial Intelligence. Deep learning is playing an important role in many fields. Such as image processing, natural language processing, signal processing etc. During this session audiences will learn how to apply deep learning in digits recognition problem by using R.

1.5 PDU available

10:30amPresentationDigital Leadership Track
Panel Discussion: Physical + Digital Integration – New Frontier for Designers and Technologists
Moderated by Mr. Stuart Smith, Chief, Digital Innovation & Design

As digital systems become more embedded in our physical world, architects, developers, designers and technologists will need to work more closely to bring meaningful experiences to life for citizens and customers. In this panel discussion we will examine the challenges of designing and delivering “phyigital” and omnichannel experiences, how organisations can work in a cross-disciplinary fashion and where the skills gaps are.

1.5 PDU available

PresentationInternet of Things Track
Building Castles in the Cloud

By Mr. Darryl Ng, Associate Lecturer & Consultant, Software Engineering & Design

Internet of Things (IoT) is all about connecting various devices and sensors to the Internet. When these devices are connected to cloud platforms, we sometimes call this system the Cloud of Things. In this learning session, we will discuss how we can utilise cloud-based IoT services from AWS to add value to IoT solutions. We will walk through the end-to-end IoT lifecycle (Sense, Ingest, Process, Analyse and Respond) used to build efficient and scalable IoT solutions.
PresentationProduct & Project Management Track
Customer Intimacy through Data-Driven Product Management
By Mr. Richard Tan, Senior Lecturer & Consultant, Product & Project Management and Mr. Lee Boon Kee, Senior Lecturer & Consultant, Product & Project Management

The Internet of Things, AI and robotics, and other technological advances are producing large amount of consumer data which can be used to achieve customer intimacy via targeted and just-in-time product and service information. Product managers can design and create winning products and services by leveraging data and digital touchpoints to deliver breakthrough customer experiences.

Learn and adopt digital product and service thinking and practices that help drive customer intimacy!

1.5 PDU available

Graduate Programme TalkDigital Leadership Track
Leadership: The Old and The New IT
By Ms. Lim Hooi Ling, Chief, Master of Technology in IT Leadership Programme

What is Old IT? What is New IT? Where does Digital fit in? What is the role of Enterprise IT today? Do IT organisations have to change? How can IT continue to deliver business value and outcomes to contribute to the organisation’s success in the digital economy?

Many of us are not only battling the disruption of technology on the business, but also to the traditional roles of the IT organisation, the CIO and the IT professional. Digital and disruption are here to stay. Join this session to learn and share how we can address these questions and much more.

In this talk, Ms Lim Hooi Ling will also share briefly about the Master of Technology in IT Leadership programme, which is specially designed to prepare and nurture the next generation of IT, digital and business leaders to lead digital transformation.

1.5 PDU available

Graduate Programme TalkDevelopment & Engineering Track
Integrating Intelligence into Software Systems
By Mr. Heng Boon Kui, Lecturer & Consultant, Software Engineering & Design

With the recent proliferation and commodification of AI technologies like Machine Learning, it has become commonplace for software systems to incorporate components and algorithms that are responsible for the intelligence. Autonomous driving and purchase recommendation are two examples. While software developers may not be expected to design and build intelligent components, it is imperative for them to be equipped with the architectural and design skills to integrate intelligent elements into software systems.

This session introduces briefly the typical activities involved in engineering software systems. It then delves into the architectural and design activities, focusing on interfacing with intelligent components as well as the direct incorporation of algorithms. As with every well-engineered software system, emphasis given to good traits like extensibility and maintainability of the software system.

In this talk, we will also briefly share about the Master of Technology in Software Engineering programme.

 11:30amGraduate Programme TalkDevelopment & Engineering Track
Let’s Talk Cloud
By Dr. Derek Kiong, Senior Lecturer & Consultant, Software Engineering & Design

Software development plays a central role when designing and developing digital solutions to improve our daily lives. For example, the Google Voice Assistant on our smart phones can respond to commands through the software we write. Such software services are provided through Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). In this talk, we will demonstrate how to write a programme to “talk” to Google Voice Assistant using APIs. Cloud computing platforms provide a wide range of software services that can be tapped on to develop software applications. In the Graduate Diploma in Systems Analysis programme, we teach our students to design and develop software that can do this and much more.

In this talk, you will also hear from two alumni on their internship project and learning journey. Dr. Esther Tan, Chief, Graduate Diploma in Systems Analysis programme will be there to share about the programme as well.

 12:30pmWorkshopAnalytics Track
Sense the Sentiments in Social Media Data
By Mr. Leong Mun Kew, Deputy Director, NUS-ISS and Mr. Cai Yuhao, Assistant Lecturer and Consultant, Analytics & Intelligence Systems

The prevalence of social media has enabled normal users to openly voice their opinions and share their experiences about various products or services. Sentiment Mining provides businesses opportunities to mine the social media data for the public’s sentiments over their products and services. In this session, the audience will learn how to perform sentiment mining using R.

WorkshopDevelopment & Engineering Track
Implementing Smart Contracts in Blockchain – A Game Changer
By Mr. Kenneth Phang, Lecturer & Consultant, Startups and SMEs and Ms. Fara Blanco, Adjunct Lecturer

A Blockchain is a decentralised database which chronologically and securely records transactions. A transaction can be of cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, Ether and etc  (and looking into Bitcoin is a good place to start understanding the fundamentals of Blockchain architecture). However, Blockchain transactions can further represent the transfer of value on systems like Ethereum and others. Value might be a service, a product or an approval in the form of a Smart Contract.

Learn how you can implement smart contracts in blockchain!

Graduate Programme TalkAnalytics Track
Customer Centricity: Powered by Analytics & Technology
By Dr Rita Chakravarti, Chief, Master of Technology in Enterprise Business Analytics Programme

Riding on the technological innovation, the face of the consumer is evolving fast, and organisations need to keep up with the pace of change in this tough economic environment. The only way to survive and grow is to better understand customers’ needs and reach out to them in the fastest possible manner, with superior customer experience. The first step to achieve that is to have proper customer data, infrastructure and appropriate customer analytics to obtain correct insights and react appropriately. The ultimate goal is to awe customers with innovation and win their loyalty by churning data with the use of technology.

In this talk, Dr Rita will also briefly share about the Master of Technology in Enterprise Business Analytics programme.

1 PDU available

1:00pmPresentationLearning & Development Track
Panel Discussion: Digital Talent as a Platform to Manage Digital Disruption
Moderated by Dr. Esther Tan, Chief, Graduate Diploma in Systems Analysis Programme / Head, Graduate Programme Administration

Panellists: Cheryl Ong, HR Consultant, Ernst & Young, and Mr. Lawrence Smith, Global Head of Talent & Learning, SmartUp.

Would there be a day when you will be competing with a humanoid robot for a dream job? As we live in the era of digital disruption, what capabilities we should possess to ensure that we stay relevant?

Apart from the conventional skillsets, what does it mean to be digitally talented? Hear from our representatives from the government ministry, technology firm and consulting agency, their expectation of digital talents – in both digital skillsets and mindsets.

1.5 PDU available

PresentationDigital Leadership Track
The Art & Science of Digital Marketing
By Ms. Lim Wee Khee, Senior Lecturer & Consultant, Digital Innovation & Design

Consumers today are in the driving seat. The ability of organisations to engage them directly and creatively is a game changer. With a wide repertoire of tools like live videos, games, social media, influencers, chatbots and more, it’s time to get creative.  Look behind the scenes as we explore the Art of engaging customers, backed by Science of analytics and insights.

1.5 PDU available

PresentationDigital Leadership Track
Managing Cybersecurity Risk in the Digital Era for Non-IT Professionals
By Ms. Tan Lay Ngan, Senior Lecturer & Consultant, IT Strategy & Management and Mr. Ng Kok Leong, Senior Manager, Information Services

With Singapore’s push towards international connectivity and the adoption of digital technologies, we inadvertently expand our cyber-attack surface. We become more exposed to cyber-threats – from individual, opportunistic hackers, to professional and organised cyber criminals groups, affecting our intellectual property, businesses and even our safety.

In this session, you will learn the essentials of cybersecurity and experience how cyber threats can attack your environment through cybersecurity games, ultimately understanding the importance of an informed organisational culture that emphasises cybersecurity.

WorkshopProduct & Project Management Track
Dynamics of Stakeholder Engagement in an Evolving Product Environment
By Ms. Felicitas Seah, Senior Lecturer & Consultant, Product & Project Management and Mr. Tan Tzann Chang, Senior Lecturer & Consultant, Product & Project Management

Ability to engage various stakeholders will often lead to better project objectives and outcomes.

This highly interactive game-format workshop will have the participants engaged in a race to determine the best project outcomes with a series of stakeholder “conversations”.

Participants will work as a team to learn about stakeholders’ concerns and prioritise them to determine the best project outcome.

1.5 PDU available

 1:30pmGraduate Programme TalkAnalytics Track
Knowledge Engineering A Smart Nation
By Dr Zhu Fang Ming, Lecturer and Consultant, Analytics and Intelligent Systems

With the recent rapid advances in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, there is an increasing need for professionals who understand how these technologies work and are able to design and build intelligent systems applications around them – this is the task of Knowledge Engineering.

This session briefly introduces the role of the Knowledge Engineer and gives examples of intelligent systems applications built by NUS-ISS Knowledge Engineering graduates. The NUS-ISS Master of Technology in Knowledge Engineering Programme will also be introduced.

 2:30pmPresentationLearning & Development Track
Panel Discussion: Mid-Career Transition – Challenges & Opportunities
Moderated by Mr. Tan Peng Wei, Chief, IT Strategy & Management

Panellists: Jamie Neo, Product Engineering & Smart Manufacturing Section Manager, HP, Kenneth Wong, Director, Creative and Professional Services Division, WSG, Ong Tun Kim, Senior Manager, IBM and Thomas Lim, Director-Projects, APAC, UST Global (Singapore) Pte Ltd

With a digitally disrupted economy, many mid-career professionals are faced with the challenges of either Job missed matches or Job mismatches as mentioned by Minister Lim Swee Say. Yet, we know that employers are constantly looking for talents that will propel their organisations forward. This panel attempts to discuss the challenges faced by the employers in finding the right digital talent and what can be done to bridge the gap between knowledge and skills.

PresentationDigital Leadership Track
Thinking about the Digital Future: Linking Scenarios with Strategy
By Dr. Hoe Siu Loon, Senior Lecturer & Consultant, IT Strategy & Management

Robust foresight can be utilized to enhance the quality of strategic decision-making in complex and uncertain operating environments. It is important to be able to think about the future and act on it. The session will focus on the essentials of scenario and strategic thinking to stay relevant in a digital world.

PresentationDevelopment & Engineering Track
Panel Discussion: Blockchain – Moving Beyond the Hype
By Mr. Stuart Smith, Chief, Digital Innovation & Design

Blockchain has become the hottest topic in technology, but how much is hype and how much is real? In this panel we discuss the current state of the blockchain landscape in Singapore and beyond.

WorkshopDevelopment & Engineering Track
Bots-Managed CloudOps
By Mr. Prasanna Veerapandi,Assistant Lecturer & Consultant, Startups & SMEs

Overview of how Cloud DevOps is managed by ChatOps bots using Containers and Docker hosts to execute command across a distributed set of servers.  This topic is to ignite interest in Function as a Service framework for building serverless functions on Docker.

PresentationDigital Leadership Track
Organising for DevOps
By Mr. Jamie Donoghue, Adjunct Lecturer

A DevOps way of working promises many benefits; from faster delivery to a more stable operating environment. But it’s not all about the technology!

To successfully implement and sustain DevOps, you must look at your people first.  Join Jamie as he introduces the key roles that are critical success factors for any DevOps implementation and take a look at the career paths available to take you from your current role, to one that will be in high demand.

PresentationArtificial Intelligence Track
How about A Nice Game of Chess?
By Mr. Lee Chuk Munn, Senior Lecturer & Consultant, Software Engineering & Design

Reinforcement Learning (RL) is an area of Machine Learning that is concerned with getting a software agent to take the correct actions within a specific environment so as to maximize its reward. Examples of RL include autonomous vehicles and game playing agents like DeepBlue and AlphaGo.

This talk will introduce techniques for building RL agents.

1.5 PDU available

PresentationDevelopment & Engineering Track
Do You Want to Design A Great Mobile App?
By Mr. Chris Hampartsoumian, Technical Director, Asia Pacific, Accedo

Many of us are highly dependent on our smartphones and tablets for consuming media and accessing online service, such as for banking and shopping, at any time and from anywhere. The mobile application (app) software is downloaded to run on the smart device, but many ‘back end’ services are needed for it to work in a functional, secure, reliable and scalable way.  Many mobile apps need to ‘connect to the cloud’ to use services provided by cloud platforms.

This talk will explore how to design and develop a mobile app that consumes cloud services, including for application processing, data storage, authentication and authorisation. We will describe the steps needed to do test and deploy the app to users after meeting the platform’s compliance requirements.

1.5 PDU available

PresentationProduct & Project Management Track
IT Managers are from Mars, Business Managers are from Venus – Understanding People and Communications in Digital Transformation
By Ms. Tamsin Greulich-Smith, Chief, Smart Health Leadership Centre

The often observed gap in empathy and communications between the IT department and the rest of a business can result in a mismatch between expectations and outcomes in terms of technology investments. As organisations attempt to unleash the transformation potential available through digital technologies, the speaker will look at the importance of empathy-based engagement in designing and driving change.

1.5 PDU available

All our Graduate Programme students go through a project or internship during their course-work to pick up real-world experience. We are proud to showcase our students and alumni’s projects at our Learning Day’s Projects Showcase area on level 2 atrium. These projects were completed during their internship or project work with organisations in various industries. You can also view projects completed by our teaching staff.

ProgrammeProject NameCompanyDescription 
Graduate Diploma in Systems AnalysisLTA Account Based Ticketing System (Mobile App) – Feasibility StudyLand Transport Authority (LTA)LTA needs a hybrid application which can be implemented and maintained by one team and able to provide both iOS and Android users with the similar functionality. This project provides the opportunity to explore and implement a hybrid application and test its feasibility in implementation of an actual system.
Social Network Data DevelopmentSenceThis web application aims to help clients to better understand their customer profile by combining location data with social data obtained (with permission) from the customers’ social media account.
Track and Trace for Air Freight TransportationPan Asia LogisticsThis system provides customers with real-time information on their air freight shipments.
TSL Office SystemTheSmartLocalThis web application is an Office Management System which includes features and modules for human resource management, claim and budget, campaign management, deliverable tracking and more.
Master of Technology (Enterprise Business Analytics)Customer Analytics for Insurance IndustryNTUC IncomeBy leveraging on NTUC Income’s customer base, the objective of this project is to identify appropriate leads, so that agents are able to make informed decisions on which customers to focus on and as a result, reduce the rate of lost leads and wasted efforts.
Data-Driven Short-Term Forecasting of Solar Irradiance ProfileEnergy Market AuthorityThis project aims to forecast solar irradiance to reduce uncertainties in balancing supply and demand of electricity, so that system operators can take prompt and necessary counter-what measures to address variations in PV.
Pharma Analytics MundipharmaThis project aims to generate insights across Closed Loop Marketing platforms by correlating with CRM and revenue data; build an integrated platform to forecast revenue, demand and patient based models with high accuracies; and an integrated dashboard to monitor the usage and performance of digital apps across the therapeutic areas.
Master of Technology (Knowledge Engineering)Autonomous 3D Printed Drone for Smart NationNUS-ISSThis project aims to develop autonomous 3D printed drones that are integrated with mobile and cloud platform, which enable users to command and monitor from a variety of internet-connected devices.
Ink Cartridge Internal Colormix – Anomaly DetectionHewlett PackardMost manufacturing industries rely on Statistical Process Control (SPC) to detect performance anomalies. However, the SPC control chart often triggers unnecessary false alarms, hindering production volume. Through data-driven approach, this project identifies the root causes of Ink-Leak Tester inaccuracy.
Trip Auto-Completion Knowledge System (TRACKS)Land Transport Authority (LTA)This project aims to accurately predict and auto-complete trips to help commuters avoid the maximum fare charge when they forget to tap out while exiting the transit system. TRACKS aids the existing fare computation engine of LTA in determining the correct fares in case of incomplete trips.
Master of Technology (Software Engineering)Enhancement of Smartlife System (ESS)Smart GatewayThis is an integration solution of Smart Home, payment gateway and condo management system. It provides the whole solution for condo resident to control smart devices likes doors, lights, air-condition, curtain, TV, car park recognition via Lifeup mobile app.
HungryTeddy – F&B Content Management System (FBCMS)ChlorocodeThis is a web-based Food & Beverage Content Management System (F&B CMS) which facilitates both food outlet owners’ and customers’ sharing through food blogging and recommendations.
Mobile Expense Claims SystemsJustloginThis is a platform which transforms expense reporting and monitoring, and turns it into an enjoyable experience.
VieStyle Shopping System (VSS)VieStyleThis is an e-commerce web application for the sale of essential oil, primarily to perform inventory and sales management as well as to enhance customers’ knowledge in using essential oil.
Smart Health Leadership CentreThe ISS Humanoid ProjectNUS-ISSThis is one of Singapore’s first Advanced Healthcare Humanoid project. The robot would be fully 3D printed and assembled in-house, with advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning programmed into it.

Your Learning Agenda

  • Learn something newDiscover new developments in your areas, or try out new topics. Expand your knowledge beyond your job role, and in the process, expand your career possibilities. You may even learn from one another during discussion sessions.
  • Get quality updatesThe programme is designed to provide you with insights and skills across a breadth of expert areas. You can trust our teaching staff with an average of 20 years of industry experience to deliver valuable updates to you.
  • Try before you commitGet a taste of our executive education programmes at the workshops, where you will get hands-on practice on topics such as Data Visualisation and CloudOps, before you sign up for our courses.
  • Network & make new contactsMeet over 300 professionals across different industries and job roles.

Programme Highlights

  • Four Panel Discussions on Digital Talent, Physical & Digital Integration, Artificial Intelligence and Mid-Career Transition.
  • A new Artificial Intelligence track featuring topics on Deep Learning, Reinforcement Learning and Voice Computing.
  • Data-driven topics such as data visualisation and storytelling, as well as social media sentiment mining.
  • A wide range of Product & Project Management topics – Future Skills for Project Managers, Customer Intimacy through Data-Driven Product Management, and Dynamics of Stakeholder Engagement.
  • Development & Engineering topics on Blockchain, DevOps and CloudOps
  • News Internet of Things track that covers cloud-based IOT services and dynamic security in relation to IOT.

If there are any topics that you would like to hear about at the event, please email us at

Location Map

Institute of Systems Science
National University of Singapore
25 Heng Mui Keng Terrace
Singapore 119615

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We look forward to seeing you on our Learning Day this year.