NTU-SJTU Joint EMBA Programme/Course

By | March 17, 2017

NTU-SJTU Joint EMBA Programme/Course


Partnership with Shanghai Jiaotong University

Shanghai Jiaotong University (SJTU), one of China’s foremost universities, officially inaugurated its SJTU Graduate School at Nanyang Technological University (NTU).  Programmes offered are :

  • SJTU-MBA Programme
  • NTU-SJTU Joint Executive MBA (EMBA) Programme

Nanyang EMBA

Chinese elements + global vision    

 Nanyang EMBA in the 2016 “Financial Times” global EMBA ranking on the top 18. Nanyang Business School is the first business school in Singapore to receive EQUIS and AACSB international quality certification.
Nanyang Business School has designed a Nanyang EMBA program with a forward-looking and international perspective in order to help senior executives take on competition and challenges in the face of economic globalization and confidently grasp every business opportunity.
The course focuses on developing cultural intelligence, broadening the horizons and exploring opportunities. In the overseas section, students participate in government visits, corporate visits, to accept cultural immersion. Nanyang EMBA professors are today’s academic and business leaders at home and abroad.
Many of them are senior managers and advisors of government agencies, as well as the president and advisor of well-known companies. Trainees from the rigorous academic authority and business elite, will benefit from not shallow. The following are the same as the “


中国元素 + 全球视野

  • 南洋EMBA在2016年《金融时报》全球EMBA排行榜上高居第18​位。
  • 南洋商学院是新加坡第一所同时获得EQUIS和AACSB 国际质量认证的商学院。

Introduction to the course

Introduction to the course Extension of international vision, the development of cultural intelligence, enhance the management level Nanyang Business School offers EMBA, which aims to cultivate high-quality business leaders and business leaders with international vision and strategic vision, as well as socially responsible. The course provides a macro perspective and forward-looking financial and management knowledge to help students explore their own potential, cultivate innovative strategic thinking, and face the challenges and challenges of the global business environment.

Curriculum structure
15 modules (6 compulsory modules and 9 elective modules), about 24 months, on-the-job learning.

6 compulsory modules:

1. Organizational principle and control
2. The global economic environment
3. Enterprise economics
4. Financial Accounting and Analysis
5. Company financial management
6. Marketing analysis and decision making

Chinese Classroom:

Shanghai. One class per month, every 4 days (Thursday to Sunday), one module;

Overseas Classroom: Singapore and the United States. The course focuses on developing cultural intelligence, broadening the horizons and exploring opportunities. Each overseas class is about 10 days, two modules, and participate in government visits, business visits, to accept cultural immersion.
Corporate research includes the world’s top 500 enterprises and elite, creative, successful small and medium enterprises. Teaching language Chinese or English. English is accompanied by simultaneous Chinese translation and Chinese material






1. 组织原理与控制

2. 全球经济环境

3. 企业经济学

4. 财务会计与分析

5. 公司财务管理

6. 营销分析与决策





Partner institutions

The following are the same as the ” Global strong combination, to create business elite.

Nanyang Business School has established close cooperation with a number of internationally renowned universities to provide trainees with valuable international study, study exchange and cultural opportunities, so that students deepen their theoretical knowledge and strengthen their practice.
Well-known partners include the University of California at Berkeley and Wharton. The following are the same as the “