National Junior College CCA

By | February 14, 2017

National Junior College CCA


Some of the most crucial learning moments take place outside the classroom.  A big part of life at National Junior College involves students in Co-Curricular Activities where fun, imagination and challenges abound.  While being conscious of the need for academic excellence, we also strive to develop character and leadership in our students as well.  Together as a family, we provide support for personal growth, offering varied platforms and opportunities for every to learn and serve the community around us.

All NJCians are expected to be actively involved in a CCA.  All Junior High (JH) 1 students will be enrolled in the Co-curricular Activities for Exposure (CAFÉ) programme instead of a CCA for their JH1 year.  In this programme, they will undergo the experiences of a Sports & Games and Performing Arts CCA.  This is with the view that by the end of JH1, they will be able to make an informed choice of which CCA they would like to commit to for their remaining JH years.

The following 15 JH CCAs cater developmental programs and various opportunities for their JH CCA members throughout their Junior and Senior High years.  JH1 students will choose their CAFÉ from these 15 CCAs and join one of them by the end of JH1 for their JH years.

CCAs offered to Junior High and Senior High students

Mr Lim Zong Liang
Ms Mak Wei Shan
Mr Shanmugadas
Mr Abdul Latif Bin Zainal
Mr Kester Wong Yew Chong
Mr Taranpal Singh

Mr Tan Xuan Wen Jeffrey
Miss Tan Joe-sie
Miss Ng Qihui
Mr Terence Yap
Mr Teo Tee Wei
Miss Yong Xin Ying
Miss Lim Wei Li
Miss Png Yu Ting

Mr Teow Tingwei
Mr Teo Chwee Hock
Miss Veronica Ng
Mr William Phua
Mdm Ong Ming Ann
Mr Ee Xing Jian, Colin

Mr Tjhin Ke Ming
Mdm Ling Hwee Cheng
Mdm Ong Ming Ann
Mr Fong Chee Hoe
Mdm Neo Ko Hui
Ms Feng Pingping

Mr Chua Chin Yang
Mr Tan Soon Heng Simon
Ms Han Pei Tzu
Mr Zhang Yukun
Mr Teo Chor Howe

Track & Field
Mr Lim Eng Soon
Mdm Eng Wei Ping Michelle
Mr Chiang Cher Siang
Mr Henry Sng Yeow Boon
Mr Tan Tian Hui
Mr Teo Tee Wei


Chinese Orchestra &
Guzheng Ensemble

Miss Chung Yeong Hui (co I/C)
Mr Ong Chye Meng (co I/C)
Miss Hung Pek Hui Eunice
Mr Ng Joon Hong
Mr Tan Chin Hui
Miss Tay Wen Lin Melanie
Mdm Pauline Yeong Pao Lian

Chinese Dance
Ms Ho Hui Lin
Mdm Zhang Jianli
Mr Zhang Jianping
Miss Jamie Kao

Ms Oh Wen-Ci
Mr Ng Kian Tiong
Mdm Chua Manping
Miss Wan Wai Sum
Miss Chua Siok Kheng
Mrs Peter Thia
Miss Meena Malinder Kaur

Guitar Ensemble
Miss Wang Shiliang
Mr Daniel Yew Shinn How
Mr Darryl Chew Ching Yang
Ms Nee Bimin
Mdm Ching Mee Yoon

Indian Dance
Mdm Darshini d/o Radha Krishnan
Ms Divya Darshini d/o Harikrishan
Ms Cher Caifeng Valerie
Ms Lam Yuen Wai
Miss Stephanie Foo Li Min


Malay Dance
Mr Oh Wei Ting
Miss Samuel Ooi Junwei
Miss Lynn Ng
Mr Thio Yude

String Orchestra
Ms Aileen Tang
Mr Hue Hoe Ping

Symphonic Band
Mr Lee Jian Hao Jason
Miss Neo Shu Ting
Miss Chai Yen Fong
Miss Su Yin Koh
Mr Tung Chee Keong
Mr Cassidy Soh Yi Xing
Mrs Vivien Koh

Western Dance
Miss Mun Lynn
Mr Joel Poh Weinan
Ms Kavitha d/o Annadhurai
Mdm Chang Sook Mei
Mr Phang Wei Cheng

In addition to the CCAs offered to our JH students, our Senior High (SH) students are able to choose from any of the 42 CCAs offered in our College.

CCAs offered to Senior High students


Mr Alvin Bek Aik Chiang
Miss Kan Ximin
Mr Chen Zhen

Miss Gao Peirong Jessica
Ms Heng Li Li Amanda
Ms Ang Shi Qi

Mr See Yeow Hoe
Ms Ku Kit Yin
Mr Sing Nigel Jon


Mr Liew Yew Tze
Mr Asraf Angullia
Mr Kwek Yuan Chia


Mr Taranpal Singh
Mr Henry Sng Yeow Boon
Miss Clare Low

Miss Yong Man Yun
Miss Lim Lee Huang Winnie
Miss Ng Xiu-li


Mr Cai Yifei
Mdm Guo Lanhua


Miss Lai Yishan Louisa
Mdm Karen Lim
Miss Priya V. Jothi

Touch Rugby
Mdm Neo Ko Hui
Miss Winnie Law


Piano Ensemble
Mr Seow Aik Keong
Miss Denise Lee Shu Hui

Aesthetics Club
Miss Lorraine Lee
Mr Ernest Yeo Chin Kent
Mr Hon Tin Seng
Miss Clio Ding

Mr Lim Wee Liang
Mdm Chng Chwee Ying


AVA & PA Club
Mr Mazalan Bin Ajan
Mr Chen Liangcai

Ms Lin Qiao
Mdm Woon Yoke Fun
Mr Lin Huaizu
Mr Yeo Gim Sng

Mr Victor John Dassiah

Interact Club
Mdm Lee Ching Ching Christine
Miss Sharon Phua Phek Heng
Mdm Yeo Chin Theng
Ms Ling Wee Lee

Mr Wee Keng Han
Mr Lim Kim Hock
Mdm Tai Mei En


Mdm Artina Bte Selamat

Mathematics Society
Mr Wang Muran
Mdm Lye Wai Leng
Mr Chew Joo Oon
Mr Pok Wern Jian

Mr Tan Peng Hui Samuel
Miss Png Yu Ting
Ms Seetoh Huixia

Mr Ganesh Issardas
Miss Mah Yi Xin

Science & Technology Society
Miss Wong Lilan
Mdm Ang Siling
Mr Loh Sin Loy Adrian
Mr Goh Ying Lun Allan
Mr Harman Dev Singh Johll
Dr Daren Ler Shan Wen
Mr Goh Chong Meng, Arthur
Mdm Ning Hwee Tiang

Miss Ng Siang Nan Carmen
Mr Benzie Dio
Miss Junice Er Yinghui
Miss Karen Oh Jia Lin
Miss Amitha Pagolu
Ms Sylvia Soh
Mr Low Jeng Wye


Greenlink Club
Miss Liu Wai Ling Vivian
Dr Lim Yi-En
Ms Ting Der Huoy Claudia Anne
Miss Lee Shan Shan

Student Council
Ms Lim Hui Mei Jan
Mr Reef Koh Junjie
Mdm Khoo Bee Chan
Miss Sng Yin Hui Joan
Mr Teo Tze-Wei
Ms Tang You Ni Eunice
Miss Yong Man Yun
Ms Tan Shu-Wei
Mr Chong Hur Ling, Marcus