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By | April 13, 2018

MOE Academies Fund (MAF) | National Institute of Education (NIE)


The MOE Academies Fund (MAF) is a component of the third tranche of the Education Research Funding Programme (ERFP) in FY2013–2017. The MAF is set up to:

i. Fund development and research projects that will contribute to the enhancement of pedagogical practices or the professional development of school teachers;

ii. Encourage the Academies and Language Centres as well as MOE Professional Wing Divisions to identify key pedagogical and professional development approaches for researchers to test, evaluate and propose areas for improvement.

Types of MAF Projects

Projects funded by the MAF must generate findings that can enhance teacher expertise and professionalism in key subject domains at the kindergarten to junior college level and they can be either development- or research-type projects.

In contrast to research-type projects that focus on the creation of new knowledge or building of new theories, development-type projects aim to implement tested ideas or create implementable products, processes or frameworks to improve teaching and learning. Development-type projects are therefore more likely to be directly beneficial to MOE, given their practice orientation.

Who Can Apply

The MAF is available to researchers / officers from:

i. The following MOE Academies and Language Centres

  • Academy of Singapore Teachers (AST);
  • English Language Institute of Singapore (ELIS);
  • Physical Education and Sports Teacher Academy (PESTA);
  • Singapore Teachers’ Academy for the aRts (STAR);
  • Malay Language Centre of Singapore (MLCS); and
  • Umar Pulavar Tamil Language Centre (UPTLC).

ii. The following MOE Professional Wing Divisions / Offices

  • Curriculum Planning & Development Division 1 (CPDD1);
  • Curriculum Planning & Development Division 2 (CPDD2);
  • Curriculum Policy Office (CPO);
  • Education Services Division (ESD);
  • Educational Technology Division (ETD);
  • Student Development Curriculum Division (SDCD);
  • Schools Division (SD) ; and
  • Corporate Research Office (CRO).

iii. The Singapore Institutes of Higher Learning (IHLs) – NIE (including MOE secondees), NUS, NTU, SMU, SIT, SUTD, SUSS and polytechnics, provided that their proposals can meet the needs of the organisation(s) listed in paragraph (i) and (ii). More information about each organisation can be found from Annex A.

Funding Quantum

Projects are categorized into three different Tiers according to the funding level.

Tier Amount
1 < $100K
2 Between $100K and $250K (inclusive)
3                           > $250K
Grant Application Process

OER manages the MAF. The application, review and approval of MAF projects will mirror the existing processes for ERFP projects.

MAF grant applications, submitted in response to a Request for Proposals (RFP), must be supported by the relevant MOE organisations. The proposals are reviewed by an OER-appointed panel of external academic and MOE reviewers.

OER announces its Request for Proposals (RFP) every April and October of the year and the close of submission is July of the year and January of the following year respectively. Grant applications of varying values are further assessed and approved by the MAF Education Research Committee (ERC), NIE ERC and MOE ERC.

The 19th RFP will convene in July instead of October as we are into the 3rd tranche closure. It was previously announced that the 19th RFP will be a limited call. Arising from feedback received, 19th RFP will be a full call, opened for new applications of all Tiers (including Programmatic Proposal).

19th RFP: Important Dates to Note


MAF Application Timeline

Wednesday, 5 July 
Opening of Grant Call: OER’s 19th Request for Proposals

Monday, 24 July 
MAF Briefing Session

Wednesday, 2 August
Submission of Expression of Interest to OER by 2 August

Wednesday, 23 August 
MAF Feedback Session (for shortlisted applicants only)
18 Sept – 22 Sept  MAF Grant Writing Consultation (for shortlisted applicants only)

Monday, 2 October
Submission of Proposal to Applicant’s Reporting  Officer for Endorsement

Monday, 9 October 
Closing of Grant Call: Submission of Full Proposal  (softcopy) to OER

Thursday, 12 October 
Submission of Full Proposal (hardcopy) to OER

Tuesday, 21 November 
Presentation to MAF Education Research Committee (for selected Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 applicants only)
Wednesday & Thursday, 17 & 18 January  Presentation to NIE Education Research Committee (for selected Tier 2 and Tier 3 applicants only)
Monday, 26 February  Presentation to MOE Education Research Committee (for selected Tier 3 applicants only)


  1. MAF Briefing Session


    Applicants are encouraged to attend the briefing session to find out more about the grant application and evaluation processes.

    Date:       Monday, 24 July
    Time:       9am to 10.30am
    Venue:    Academy of Singapore Teachers
    2 Malan Road, Singapore 109433
    Blk B, Level 3, Training Room 13@MRC

    Applicants who are interested to attend the briefing session, please RSVP your attendance at as soon as possible.

  2. Note: Thank you for attending the 19RFP MAF Briefing Session. Please download the presentation slides from the links below:

    1.  MAF E-brochure
    2.  MOE CRO – 19RFP MAF Briefing Session Slides
    3.  NIE OER – 19RFP Briefing Session Slides
  3. Expression of Interest 

    Applicants interested in applying for MAF are to complete and send the Expression of Interest template to  before 2 August. The Expression of Interest template can be downloaded hereExpression of interests will be assessed based on their relevance to the enhancement of pedagogical practices or the professional development of teachers. Applicants are therefore encouraged to contact and discuss their proposals with the relevant MOE organisation(s) to ensure that their proposed projects meet their needs.  Information about the organisations can be found hereShortlisted applicants will be notified and may be invited to make a short presentation at the MAF Feedback Session for further assessment.

  4. Budget Consultation SessionsThe Research Support Unit (RSU) will be organizing individual budget consultation sessions for potential grant applicants from 15 Aug to 3 Oct.  Applicants will be able to clarify budgeting guidelines and seek advice on budgetary matters during these sessions. Applicants may prepare the draft Case for Support and Budget (via ROMS for ERFP projects and via OERRG3B template for MAF projects) and bring them along to the sessions. All sessions will be scheduled at NIE5-01-TR502. Only the sessions on 29 Aug, 5 and 7 Sep will be held at NIE7-01-TR712. We encourage applicants to sign up for their preferred session by clicking the following link: Please indicate your full name and email when you sign up.
  5. MAF Feedback SessionTo ensure that proposed projects are relevant to MOE, shortlisted applicants may be invited to present their proposed projects to MOE and NIE faculty. Applicants who have successfully obtained support from MOE will be notified after the session.
  6. MAF Grant Writing Consultation SessionsApplicants who have obtained support from MOE may email or meet with OER’s academic staff to seek advice on conceptualisation and methodological aspects of their proposals. These meetings are intended to be advisory and do not indicate any sort of approval on the part of these academic staff. Please email to link up with the academic staff.
  7. Submission DetailsShortlisted applicants are required to download and complete the required application documents below and submit their grant applications to their respective Reporting Officer by 2 October for endorsement. Applicants from NIE may also download the required documents from NIE Portal ( Login > Services > Academic > Research > NIE Education Research Funding Programme (ERFP).

    Applicants are also required to obtain support from MOE to ensure that the proposed projects are relevant to MOE before submitting the applications. The softcopy of the completed application documents must be submitted to OER ( by 9 OctoberTo complete the process, a signed hardcopy of the application documents must be submitted, no later than 12 October, to:

    OER Research Support Unit                                                             
    Office of Education Research
    National Institute of Education, Singapore
    NIE 5-02-11
    1 Nanyang Walk
    Singapore 637616

  8. Grant Application Forms and Guide:a. Administrative Guidelines for MAF Applicants (OERRG3A – 1)

    b. Guide for filling up MOE Academies Fund Application Form

    c. Application for MOE Academies Fund Form Part A (OERRG3A) (OERRG3A)

    d. Application for MOE Academies Fund Form Part A (OERRG3A) – Case for Support

    e. Application for MOE Academies Fund Form Part A (OERRG1A) – CV Template

    f. Application for MOE Academies Fund Form Part B (OERRG3B)

    g. Application for a MOE-Contracted Grant Form (OERRG1D) (for MOE-contracted Research only)

    For more details on MOE-contracted Research, please contact MOE Corporate Research Office: MOE_Corporate

  9. Useful Resources and Contacts

Applicants will be able to find previously awarded MAF Grants from the List of MAF Approved Projects can be found here. For more details, please refer to NIE Website ( Research > Projects. (Please search AFD for MAF Development Projects and AFR for MAF Research Projects)

For clarification, please email OER Research Support Unit at: