List Of Courses Offered In RP – Republic Polytechnic

By | January 11, 2017

List Of Courses Offered In RP – Republic Polytechnic

SMC Icon CECheaderAre you ready for a career in the business and communication sector? If you have a nose for news or a passion for business, then the School of Management and Communication (SMC) is the place for you.

CECbulletDiploma in Consumer Behaviour and Research (R48)
CECbulletDiploma in Human Resource Management with Psychology (R52)
CECbulletDiploma in Mass Communication (R32)
CECbulletDiploma in Social Enterprise Management (R51)

SASico SASheaderAre you ready for a career in science? As one of the largest polytechnic science school in Singapore, RP School of Applied Science (SAS) is the place to be if you have a passion for scientific discovery. We offer six diploma programmes in diverse fields where there is high demand for young talents.

SASbulletDiploma in Biomedical Sciences (R14)
SASbulletDiploma in Biotechnology (R16)
SASbulletDiploma in Environmental Science (R29)
SASbulletDiploma in Marine Science and Aquaculture (R53)
SASbulletDiploma in Materials Science (R17)
SASbulletDiploma in Pharmaceutical Sciences (R22)

SEGico SEGheaderAre you ready for a career in engineering? If you are a problem-solver with a passion for tinkering with gadgets or solving complex puzzles, then RP School of Engineering (SEG) is the place for you. We offer eight diploma programmes and a Common Engineering Programme.

SEGbulletCommon Engineering Programme (R42)
SEGbulletDiploma in Aerospace Avionics (R20)
SEGbulletDiploma in Aerospace Engineering (R40)
SEGbulletDiploma in Aviation Management (R39)
SEGbulletDiploma in Electrical and Electronic Engineering (R50)
SEGbulletDiploma in Engineering Systems and Management (R54)
SEGbulletDiploma in Engineering Design with Business (R56)
SEGbulletDiploma in Green Building Energy Management (R41)
SEGbulletDiploma in Industrial and Operations Management (R11)
SEGbulletDiploma in Supply Chain Management (R21)

SHLico SHLheaderAre you ready for a career in the sports and healthcare sector? Being the only polytechnic school in Singapore that focuses on a wide spectrum of sports skills, RP School of Sports, Health and Leisure (SHL) offers six diploma programmes that prepares you for an exciting and fulfilling career.

SHLbulletDiploma in Health Management and Promotion (R43)
SHLbulletDiploma in Health Services Management (R45)
SHLbulletDiploma in Outdoor and Adventure Learning (R33)
SHLbulletDiploma in Sports and Exercise Sciences (R26)
SHLbulletDiploma in Sports and Leisure Management (R27)
SHLbulletDiploma in Sports Coaching (R49)

SOHico SOHheaderAre you ready for a career in the hospitality sector? Winner of the Best Education Experience (Tourism and Hospitality) Award at the Singapore Tourism Board’s Singapore Experience Awards 2012, RP School of Hospitality (SOH) has rapidly built a reputation for excellence. We offer five diploma programmes covering all aspects of the hospitality sector.

SOHbulletDiploma in Customer Experience Management with Business (R34)
SOHbulletDiploma in Hotel and Hospitality Management (R37)
SOHbulletDiploma in Integrated Events Management (R28)
SOHbulletDiploma in Restaurant and Culinary Operations (R46)
SOHbulletDiploma in Wellness, Lifestyle and Spa Management (R44)

SOIico SOIheaderAre you ready for a career in the infocomm sector? If you are a problem-solver with a passion for emerging technologies, RP School of Infocomm (SOI) is the place for you. As one of the largest polytechnic IT school in Singapore, we offer seven diploma programmes covering a variety of fields related to infocomm.

SOIbulletDiploma in Business Applications (R18)
SOIbulletDiploma in Business Information Systems (R13)
SOIbulletDiploma in Information Technology (R12)
SOIbulletDiploma in Infocomm Security Management (R55)
SOIbulletDiploma in Interactive and Digital Media (R31)
SOIbulletDiploma in Mobile Software Development (R47)

STA Icon STAheaderAre you ready for a career in the creative industry? If you enjoy expressing your artistic talents through art, music and storytelling, then RP School of Technology for the Arts (STA) is the place for you. We offer five diplomas that will guide you to reach your full potential as a professional.

STAbulletDiploma in Arts and Theatre Management (R25)
STAbulletDiploma in Design for User Experience (R36)
STAbulletDiploma in Game Design (R35)
STAbulletDiploma in Media Production and Design (R19)
STAbulletDiploma in Sonic Arts (R24)