Italian Youth Soccer Academy Training In Singapore Programmes

By | March 14, 2017

Italian Youth Soccer Academy Training In Singapore Programmes



Ages 5-6-7 years  –  Sessions: 1 or 2 per week – 1 hour each

Tailored for 5 to 8 year olds who wish to learn all the important basic skills of soccer in a dynamic and exciting way. This is the foundation of the Youth Sector.

At the Piccoli Amici stage, it is very important that players learn agility, balance and coordination during this stage of their development. Developing coordination objectives and improving basic and applied motor skills, helps to build their self-confidence, learning aptitude, and passion for the sport, which will carry forward in their development pathway. Players are not only trained in many essential soccer skills, but they are also exposed to the fundamentals of tactics.

A core part of the program is educational, instilling basic principles such as punctuality, self-discipline and preparation as well as concepts of fair play and co-operation.

This educational component is a key part of the AC Milan ethos and is an excellent preparation for the Milan Youth Sector in the players’ later years.


Pulcini – Pre Academy (8-9-10 Years)


Pre Academy

Ages 8-9-10 years  –  Sessions: 2 per week – 90 Minutes each

Time to start thinking as a little emerging football player. The Pre Academy player is passionate about football and chooses it above all other sports. It is chosen by the player, not the parent. He arrives at training with a smile and a real energy wanting to play. The sport is in his blood.

  • Players ready to train 2 x per week with all the mental commitment that takes.
  • Players ready to leave behind childhood friendship teams for more serious team commitment. The PreAcademy player will not let his team mates down.
  • Players keen to reach the selection process of the Academy following his instinct.
  • Players ready to interact with Professional Coaches.

In the Pre Academy course, Milan recognizes the need for the budding player to be challenged and stretched. Coaches will insist on a level of dedication and longer attention span. The Pre Academy soccer player must begin to adjust to the importance of concentration, of coping with winning and losing and flexibility in facing different challenges. The Pre Academy player is mentally and physically ready to be separated from the Basic Skills and ready to steer his course towards a disciplined approach to the sport without losing the passion that he thrives on in football.


Esordienti – Jr Academy (10-11-12 Years)JA-Solitary1

Junior Academy

Ages 10-11 years  –  Sessions: 2 per week – 90 minutes each

No player will leave without experiencing the passion of training with a great club like AC Milan. The real Youth Sector.

This intensive program is designed for 10 to 12 years old to create a complete well-rounded soccer player.

All training sessions are carefully structured to achieve the correct balance between the technical, tactical, physical and educational components according to the age and stage of development of each player.

The Academy coaches will make constant reference to the current style of play of the first squad of AC Milan as a means to teaching the different systems of play, as well as encourage players to express themselves creatively:

  • 1 – 4 – 4 – 2
  • 1 – 4 – 3 – 3
  • 1 – 3 – 4 – 3
  • 1 – 4 – 4 – 2 diamond

All Milan Soccer School players can take advantage of the exciting exclusive opportunities to play overseas tournaments in Milan against other AC Milan Soccer Schools worldwide.

Additionally, gifted and emerging Milan Junior players will be selected and offered the chance to attend trials at the AC Milan Youth Sector Headquarters in Italy.

Giovanissimi – Adv Academy (12-13-14 Years)


Advanced Academy

Ages 12-13-14 years  –  Sessions: 3 per week

Players will deepen their understanding of The European approach to Technique and Tactics.

This intensive Advanced Program aims to improve players 12 years old and older. At this stage of development, the curriculum minimally requires 3 sessions of training per week to achieve optimal performance

This post puberty phase is not only critical for enhancing core stability with all sessions containing elements of conditioning capacity, but is also increasingly important from a mental perspective as players must significantly improve their concentration and demonstrably take greater responsibility on and off the field.


The evolution of football in recent years means that the faster rhythm impacts on the technical elements of the game. Players need to heighten their awareness of the game showing wise and considered responses without compromising on precision, speed and accurate delivery. It is expected that players in this section no longer operate alone, but quickly extrapolate critical information from situations presented on the pitch making informed but creative decisions adapted to each unique moment and player.

Coaches are skilled at identifying the best position for the player allowing him to reach and express his maximum potential which can change the future career of any aspiring football player.


European tactics are the bread and butter of all aspiring players and this period of time must coincide with an improvement of the interpretation of various different systems of play. In essence, players have to take a step up, moving out of the comfort zone of one well-rehearsed system of play, and instead confront and interpret accurately and dynamically all positions on the pitch related to any specific type of system. Together Milan Academy will help you discover the advantages and disadvantages of all systems of play.

Allievi – Pre Pro (14-15-16 Years)



Pre Milan Pro

Ages 14-16 years  –   Sessions: at least 3 per week

The Pre Milan Pro player is one who will have emerged from Milan Advanced Program and is still 100% intent on and committed to achieving elite performance in soccer.

For those joining the Milan Football Program at this point for the first time, it is a challenge. The Pre Milan Pro is not for the faint hearted. It requires dedication, an implicit trust in the Coaches and a ready willingness to put yourself on the line; to be ready to be put through your paces.

Self-inflated views of performance by players and parents only obstruct progress so players here must be honest and open to constructive criticism. The Pre Milan Pro Program is for soccer players who could emerge on any stage. All Football Clubs need good players, so get ready for the tough intensity and put yourself in the running to be in the mix for a future in football. It takes hard work and determined concentration but the Pre Milan Pro coaches will give you the benefit of their expertise and skills to see you through.

Assessment is frequent and tailored in this category, so be ready to adapt to improving targets results and face reality.

Juniores – Milan Pro (17-18-19 Years)MP-Main


Milan Pro

Ages 17-18 years  –  Sessions: 4 per week

Time to take the challenge and see if you really have the professional mentality for football.

The Milan Pro is at a life turning point. Time to achieve his dream of being a real soccer player is running out and now it’s no longer a game – it’s a chosen way of life. Football is quite simply the central single dynamic driving force and the ongoing hunger to ‘make it’ as a soccer player is real. The Milan Pro player should be strong, resilient, unafraid of criticism and ready to listen to the real professionals in Soccer. Typically a Milan Pro player may have encountered many obstacles over the years on the football path, such as non-selection into the limited Elite channels, periods of injury, slower growth rate, poor Coaching and poor performance. These frustrations now need to be left aside and the Milan Pro player needs to trust his Pro Milan Coach.

The Milan Pro Program will address and target the specific characteristics of each of the soccer players in this category. Milan Pro is for talented football players needing the detail, the attention, the edge, the knowledge, and the experienced methodology to improve all aspects of the older soccer player. Milan Pro players will be monitored by Milan Junior Lab, the system similar to that used by the first squad in A.C Milan for more than 10 years to assess fitness health and defects. Milan Soccer School nurtures and prepares the Milan Pro player to fulfil his dreams and needs.

The Number of trainings in the Milan Pro Program has to increase radically. He must be attending minimum 4 times per week and must be prepared for trainings to be tough.

The Milan Pro Player must now be living his week oriented around his football. Study needs to be done but football cannot be in second place. The Milan Pro player lives his week solely to arrive at the match in perfect condition both physically and mentally.

The Milan Pro Player has certain characteristics: he is mature enough to accept decisions such as being on the bench; he is open minded enough to be separated from family more often even for long stretches of time if he is selected overseas; he is able to adapt to new situations whether it be earning his place in the team or accepting radical change in his life to be able to further his soccer. He is independent and ready for a career in football.

Girls Program – (6-13 Years)

slide_245130_1386596_freeFrom research and experience, A.C Milan recognizes that young girls have a greater level of concentration and consistency that they bring to the game.

The Milan Girls program is designed to maximize on this potential and harness the girls’ strengths. Our program allows girls a safe, secure environment where they can focus on their soccer. Watch girls grow in confidence as they learn about tackling and marking without worrying about injury when training with boys.

Milan Girls is effective at all ages, especially at the basic skills level when girls’ first experiences are vital in shaping their future approach to the game.


Girls learn the skills of AC Milan and have fun with your friends under the guidance of an experienced women’s team player.