HCI’s Class of 2017 have performed outstandingly at the GCE A-Levels examinations

By | March 9, 2018

HCI’s Class of 2017 have performed outstandingly at the GCE A-Levels examinations

The Class of 2017 has achieved excellent results once again and we are very proud of them.

1. 6 out of 10 scored 3 H2 Distinctions and above.

2. Even with the revised GCE A-Level syllabus, 13 subjects have recorded an improved performance from last year. These include H2 China Studies in Chinese, H2 Economics, H2 Geography, H2 History, H2 Mathematics, and H2 Physics.

3. Besides their sterling academic results, the Class of 2017 has also excelled holistically.

  • 300 students, more than a quarter of the cohort, have been conferred the Hwa Chong Diploma with Distinction
  • This cohort tirelessly and selflessly contributed back to the community, serving an average 112 hours in community service;
  • They have continued Hwa Chong’s tradition of excellence with 52 World Championship Titles (2006-2018);
  • They also took home 55 Top 3 titles at the Interschool Sports Championships in 2017 and;
  • 9 Certificates of Distinction for Performing Arts at the 2017 Singapore Youth Festival.


4. To date, 14 Hwa Chong students have been offered provisional Public Service Commission Scholarships. Three provisional Singapore Armed Forces Scholarships have also been offered to Hwa Chong students.

5. Even before the release of the GCE A-Level results, 14 students have been admitted to Peking, Fudan and Tsinghua University for bicultural excellence.

6. This year, a record number of 56 Hwa Chong students have received offers to Cambridge and Oxford University.

7. Close to 600 offers have also been made to Hwa Chong students from top US and UK universities such as Harvard University, Carnegie Mellon University, New York University, University of California Berkeley, University of Michigan, Imperial College London, London School of Economics,and University College London.