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Virtual Singapore – NRF

Virtual Singapore – NRF Virtual Singapore is a dynamic three-dimensional (3D) city model and collaborative data platform, including the 3D maps of Singapore. When completed, Virtual Singapore will be the authoritative 3D digital platform intended for use by the public, private, people and research sectors. It will enable users from different sectors to develop sophisticated… Read More »

Corporate Laboratory@University Scheme – NRF

Corporate Laboratory@University Scheme – NRF The Corporate Laboratory@University scheme, launched by the NRF in March 2013, supports the establishment of key laboratories by industries in our universities. The scheme seeks to strengthen Singapore’s innovation system by encouraging public-private R&D collaboration between universities and companies. It ensures that universities achieve impact by developing cutting edge solutions… Read More »

Technology Consortia – NRF

Technology Consortia – NRF NRF has supported research projects through grants including the Competitive Research Programme, NRF Fellowship, and other thematic competitive grant calls in the areas of cybersecurity and synthetic biology. Over time, individual pockets of research expertise and capabilities have developed, with emerging technology areas among the awarded projects. NRF worked with Institutes… Read More »

International Collaborations – NRF

International Collaborations – NRF NUS and UCL sign collaboration to foster research in data science First Australia-Singapore Joint Strategic Dialogue on Innovation and Science France and Singapore sign collaborations in science & technology Related Posts:Singapore National Academy Science FellowshipMadison Academy Of Music Singapore CoursesActiveSG Academy SportsNational Junior College CCANUS-ISS Learning Day 2017Hwa Chong Institution Boarding… Read More »

Returning Singaporean Scientists Scheme – NRF

Returning Singaporean Scientists Scheme – NRF Scheme Objective The Returning Singaporean Scientists Scheme seeks to attract outstanding overseas-based Singaporean research leaders back to Singapore to take up leadership positions in Singapore’s autonomous universities and publicly funded research institutes. NRF works closely with the senior leaders of the autonomous universities and research institutes to identify potential… Read More »

Test-Bedding and Demonstration of Innovative Research – NRF

Test-Bedding and Demonstration of Innovative Research – NRF The Test-Bedding and Demonstration of Innovative Research funding initiative aims to use Government lead demand efforts to demonstrate feasibility of innovative technologies and catalyse adoption by private sector. These projects involve partnerships with local industrial partners to ensure adoption or commercialisation of the developed technology solution. Auto… Read More »