Academy of Singapore Teachers Courses Offered

By | March 20, 2017

Academy of Singapore Teachers Courses Offered

Professional Development Programmes

The Academy provides a variety of professional development opportunities for teachers. The in-service training is customised to meet the needs of the teachers at every level. These include the Skilful Teacher Enhanced Mentoring Programme, Teacher Work Attachment and teacher-led workshops. These professional development opportunities seek to build teachers’ capacity in the subject matter knowledge and pedagogical content knowledge. In addition, conferences are organised for the sharing of the recent developments in pedagogy, curriculum and assessment.

Teacher-Leaders Programme

Teacher-Leaders Programmes for Senior Teachers, Lead Teachers and Master Teachers

The Teacher-Leaders Programme (TLP) is an integrated continual series of three milestones programmes for teacher-leaders on the Teaching Track (appointed Senior Teachers, Lead Teachers and Master Teachers). The programme is conducted by the National Institute of Education (NIE), in collaboration with the Academy of Singapore Teachers (AST). The proposed modules in the milestone programmes reflect the teacher-leaders’ expected scope of influence as well as focus on professional ethos and the strengthening of teacher leadership.These programmes also aim to help teacher-leaders strengthened their dispositions, skills and knowledge towards the fulfillment of the five desired Teacher Outcomes of the Teacher Growth Model (TGM):

    • The Ethical Educator
    • The Competent Professional
    • The Collaborative Learner
    • The Transformational Leader
    • The Community Builder

(For more information on the TGM, please log on to Programme 1 (TLP 1)

Programme Description

The Teacher-Leaders Programme 1 (TLP 1) is designed for appointed Senior Teachers (ST) with one to five years of ST experience. The learning objectives of TLP 1 are to enhance the participants:
STs will in turn acquire and practise key knowledge and skills at the school level. The modules address topics such as curriculum leadership, coaching and mentoring, teacher leadership, assessment literacy, professional ethics, and community engagement.  There is also a research component in TLP 1 where STs design and implement a school-based research project. The intent of this requirement is to enhance STs’ grounding in research methodology and skills.

Teacher-Leaders Programme 2 (TLP 2)

Programme Description

The Teacher-Leaders Programme 2 (TLP 2) is designed for Lead Teachers and Senior Teachers with six years or more of teaching experience. Teacher-Leaders Programme 2 (TLP 2) aims to enhance instructional leadership, professional collaboration and mentoring, so as to facilitate the professional growth of participants as Lead or potential Lead Teachers on the Teaching Track.

The learning objectives of TLP 2 are to develop the participants’ repertoire of knowledge and skills so that they will be able to impact the teaching community beyond the school and at the cluster level. Participants will also be equipped with facilitation and team-building skills through modules such as “Facilitating High Performance in the Team” and “Mentoring and Coaching for Pedagogical and Organisational Leadership”. Additionally, there will be opportunities for the participants to experience the work of relevant HQ academies and overseas educational institutions.

Teacher-Leaders Programme 3 (TLP 3)

Programme Description

Teacher-Leaders Programme 3 (TLP 3) is designed primarily for Master Teachers. The learning objectives of TLP 3 are for the participants to review and integrate a repertoire of knowledge and skills at the national and systems levels by enhancing their instructional leadership, professional collaboration and mentoring

Teacher Work Attachment Programme (TWA)


The Teacher Work Attachment (TWA) programme encourages Education Officers to take up work attachments in other organisations to broaden perspectives, create new learning experiences for professional development and to enrich their students’ learning.

Types & Duration of TWA

TWA can be done locally or overseas. You should look at both public, private sector organisations, MOE HQ divisions and other schools. The attachment can vary from a short 1-week attachment to longer attachments of up to one year.

Academy-facilitated Attachments Teachers may apply through the Academy for attachments to the Academy’s TWA partners (MOE intranet) and specific attachments listed in the TWA intranet.
Cluster, School or Self-initiated Attachments Teachers may also initiate your own attachments. You may wish to approach the organisation of your choice to secure an attachment that could be beneficial to you and your school.

Invitation to Teachers

We invite MOE teachers who are interested in a Teacher Work Attachment experience to visit the TWA intranet or contact us at

Invitation to Organisations

We invite organisations who are interested to host teachers for a Teacher Work Attachment to send us a proposal or contact us at