Singapore Institute of Legal Education Part A

By | March 12, 2017

Singapore Institute of Legal Education Part A

Part A

Part A of the Singapore Bar Examinations is a conversion examination applicable for all graduates from approved foreign universities who intend to apply for admission to the Bar. It is one of the pre-requisites for such persons to attain the status of a qualified person as defined in the Legal Profession Act read with the Legal Profession (Qualified Persons) Rules.

With effect from 2016, the Institute will be holding two sessions of the Examinations. The Part A Bar Course is an optional course and there is only one session of the course each year. The course is generally conducted from January to April each year and is open only to applicants of session 1 Examinations.

Eligibility Requirements

To apply to sit for the Part A Bar Examinations, you must fulfil the following requirements:

  1. You are a Singapore citizen or permanent resident.

  2. You have graduated with an applicable law degree from an overseas scheduled university, and have attained at least lower second class honours or have been ranked as being amongst the highest 70% of your batch of graduates (ranking requirements); and

  3. If you are completing your final year of the applicable law degree from an overseas scheduled university, you will need to graduate meeting the ranking requirements on or before 7 April 2017 in order to sit for the 2017 session 1 of the Part A Bar Examinations. In the meantime, you should still submit an application during the online application period.

If you do not meet the above eligibility requirements, you can consider applying for an exemption. Details of the exemption application procedure can be found on the Ministry of Law’s website.

Note: For requirements (a) and (b), you must have applied for an exemption or obtained the exemption by the time you submit your application to sit for the Part A Bar Examinations.

Part A Application at a Glance

Please refer to the flowchart to understand the application process for 2017 Session 1 of the Part A Bar Course and Examination.

Examinable Subjects

All papers for the 2017 Session 1 Part A Bar Examinations will be open-book examinations. Each paper is 2 hours long. During the examinations, candidates can use a digital device to retrieve pre-prepared notes and materials, subject to the  Guidelines on Use of Digital Devices.

There are 5 compulsory examinable subjects for the Part A Bar Examinations:


Subject Coordinator/ Reading List

1. Company Law

Professor Walter Woon SC, NUS Faculty of Law

Reading List for Company Law

2. Criminal Law

Associate Professor S. Chandra Mohan, SMU School of Law

Reading List for Criminal Law

3. Evidence Law

Professor Jeffrey Pinsler SC, NUS Faculty of Law

Reading List for Evidence Law

4. Land Law

Professor Tang Hang Wu, SMU School of Law

Reading List for Land Law

5. Singapore Legal System

Associate Professor Goh Yihan, SMU School of Law

Reading List for Singapore Legal System

The updated reading list will be provided to all successful applicants at a later date.

Post-Secondary Education Account (PSEA)

Applicants who wish to use the fund balance from their PSEA account to reimburse for their course and / or examination fees may do so by completing a PSEA Ad Hoc Withdrawal form. The application form will be made available after the closing date of the online application. The Institute will furnish all successful applicants with further details on the use of PSEA account at a later date.



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